From Shree Vasant’s Teachings

On Discomfort
Remember, we are here to serve. Never mind if you are experiencing discomfort. If you focus on your discomfort you will not see the discomfort of others. Certainly this does not mean that you do not care for yourself.

Take care. Eat properly. Rest properly. Do all meditations, AGNIHOTRA and your work. That is all you can do. Feelings of discomfort will pass. See that you resist old habits, then discomfort will also go away.

On Patience
Try to become more patient, more tolerant of others. Go out of your way to express positive things to people. You are here to serve, only to serve. How can I serve? If you want to ask anything, ask this of HIM only.

You are here to serve whether you feel sick or well, high or low. In everyday life there will always be ups and downs, life’s difficulties, tiredness, etc. As you rise higher you rise above such things. If you feel them now do not become attached to them.

Stay Focused on the Positive
If you have difficult days, so what? We have to stay focused and positive even during the difficult times. Do your disciplines, meditation timings. Do HOMA fires. Then automatically everything falls into place which is conducive to your development.

Only reason why mistakes are made is people are not maintaining proper disciplines. They are not incapable of proper decision-making.