On Accusing Another Person From Shree Vasant's Teachings

One must be absolutely certain before accusing another person of wrongdoing. Otherwise, one becomes outraged and loses perspective on the problem at hand. If, however, one is certain beyond any doubt of another’s misdeed, then comes the question, “How can I better serve this person?”

Will telling him directly about our knowledge of the misdeed help or solve the problem?

Is there any action that can be taken which will provide a no-blame solution to the problem?

Thirdly, if the misdeed is of grave concern and may endanger the safety of others, then it may be possible that the solution is out of our hands. If at all possible, we should try to solve such difficulties among ourselves, so that we always consider the other person before we act and then act accordingly.

If we think, “How can I best serve this individual?” then the answer will be provided by Divine Grace.