Healing with Homa Therapy

Laura Daniela giving her testimony in the SENA. In the background, Prof. Pedro Henry Ariza.

Laura Daniela Serondaza
Popayán, Colombia, South America
I had many problems with my sinuses and I could not touch my forehead due to the pain caused by the sinusitis. I also had a continuously runny nose, especially when it was very cold or very hot. Besides, I also had allergies to dogs and cats.

I came to SENA (National Learning Service), to participate every Saturday in the Agnihotra sessions led by Prof. Pedro Henry Ariza. I deeply inhaled the smoke and took the Agnihotra ash. My allergy and sinusitis left. I am completely healthy.

Ms. Claudia Janet Garcia

Claudia Janet García Orosco
Armenia, Colombia, South America
I am 36 years old. I just participated in the Agnihotra session in Botica Sol. I also came last Saturday. I could not bring my mother, because she’s sick, so I got some Agnihotra ash for her and gave it to her with a little water.

She suffers from insomnia. She has high cholesterol and triglyceride levels, an aneurysm, a kidney disease, high blood pressure and gastric ulcers. She hardly sleeps. We say jokingly that she is the night guard.

But when she took the Agnihotra ash, she slept all night long. In the morning she got up for a while and went back to bed. I was almost scared, because never in my life she had gone back to sleep. It was already 11 A.M. and she was still asleep. It turned out that she had slept peacefully and then got up relaxed and very well. The next day, Sunday afternoon, I gave her again some Agnihotra ashes with water and again she slept pleasantly. Since then, she sleeps peacefully. She even sleeps after lunch, something she never did before.

This happened by only giving her some Agnihotra ash! Now she also has more energy and is more enthusiastic.

She is 70 years old and she had this sleeping problem for 20 or 30 years. I am going to bring her to the Botica so she can also participate in the Homa Fires.