From the Orion Transmissions

received by Parvati Rosen-Bizberg
Wysoka, Poland

February 16, 2016 On Architects for a New Tomorrow

Yes, yes. This is a time for planting the seeds for MANIFESTATION. You can feel or sense growth beginning to burst through the boundaries, those self-imposed and those erected by forces outside of you.

This is a time of breaking through boundaries, an excellent time for deep visualization and strengthening one’s inner depths of devotion.

It is not only via prayer and meditation, but also by taking resolute action with positive intent to heal situations and beings with whom you interact. Release resentments. Time to move forward, while still time of hibernation in winter. This is the time to generate and germinate, so that when Spring arrives, you will be prepared for the revolution-evolution of spirit rising! Indeed, powerful times.

We are engineers, architects for a new tomorrow.

Blessings abound.

We are, ORION.

February 25, 2016 On Sound and Fire
Yes, yes. Times are changing. The focus, of course, is shifting and deepening, if you will. The element of Sound as woven with the element of Fire holds powerful keys which unlock and release content submerged within, just as you dig for minerals, stones. With Sound and Fire, all the elements are able to be tapped and thus, released.

March 3rd 2016 On Celebrating the Myriad of Humankind
We observe the human tendency to label and define, rather than to explore and comprehend—rather than to reveal differences as shades of the same humanity, embracing and celebrating the myriad of humankind. We see instead, a marked tendency to establish a way of defining and determining types rather than individuals. There is a box for everyone and everyone is thus installed in a box! Do guard against these very tendencies in your own awareness, all of you. Because in defining and labeling the individuality which creates diversity or the diversity which creates individuality, so much is lost.

Champion that which defies definition! Celebrate that which is unique, original and groundbreaking! Understand the differences and unite, with all your magnificent shades of being, as One Humanity. It is in the blending and uniting of humanity’s various cultures that you all shine, as ONE. OM.

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