Homa Therapy Exhibition in Gleisdorf, Austria

Reiner and Manuela Szcypior

For the month of April, 2016 we exhibited information in the form of pictures, Power Point presentations and written material about the holistic healing science of Homa Therapy and Fivefold Path Mission School at a storefront in Gleisdorf, Austria. It was a fruitful new experience to approach our neighbors in the town with ancient knowledge given through Vedas.

When we came back to Austria after seven years of service in India, we had interviews with local newspapers and could share about Homa Therapy through media. But how to get more information to the public in our city? By Grace, we had the chance to rent a room on the city’s main shopping street. This was the perfect opportunity to give more service and information to our fellow neighbors.

Photos and information are prominently posted to attract passers-by.
inside window
A row of books and other literature lines the shelf just inside the window.
The room is filled with photo displays.
The room is filled with photo displays.


photo display

We performed several evening Agnihotras there, with curious people coming to the demonstrations.

manu leads group agni
Manuela (in striped sweater) guides the group in preparing Agnihotra.
Reiner (far left) with an evening Agnihotra group.
Reiner (far left) leads an evening Agnihotra group.

People who perform Agnihotra already, from neighboring villages and cities, were invited to share their experiences at the exhibition as well.

Reinhard Steinbauer, an organic apple grower and beekeeper came. Eduard Aichbauer, a longtime close devotee of SHREE Vasant V. Paranjpe came as well. From Garden Paradise Eggersdorf, Peter Painer, the owner, attended. Among those who visited us we had friends of very deep knowledge. One evening we did not speak but listened to the grace-filled experiences and wisdom of a friend.

Longtime Agnihotra practitioner Eduard Aichbauer shares experiences with the group.
Longtime Agnihotra practitioner Eduard Aichbauer (center) shares experiences.

group discussion

We are grateful for this opportunity of living our lives with Agnihotra Fire, the Grace of this Era. God blesses us all.