From the Orion Transmissions

received by Parvati Rosen-Bizberg
Wysoka, Poland

December 21, 2015 On Agnihotra – Environmental Protection and Defense
Yes, yes. The best defense against the effects of Chemtrails, you are already employing—performance of daily Agnihotra, which creates a cyclical, protective shield, boosted with each fire, performed precisely at sunrise and sunset.

In addition, try and spread Agnihotra Ash all over the property, where cows graze and gardens are grown. Do this periodically. This is also a deterrent for radioactive particles. It is essential to practice these Homas (fires) regularly to achieve this protective effect.

Blessings abound. OM.

January 25, 2016 On the Path of Truth and Spirit
Yes, yes. For those of you whose eyes have been opened, this is no time to close them and return to life as usual. You must embrace your highest goals, unleash your greatest potential and follow with resolute determination and inspiration, your spiritual path.

This is the time to intensify one’s Sadhana (spiritual practice). It is the path of the Truth, the path of wonderment and of the creative force ready to work through you. This is for many of you now. The path is made ready for further exploration of Truth.

When one embarks on one’s spiritual path, when one’s celebratory entrance upon the path of Light is marked—though in actuality it was seeded in your soul from lifetimes before—there is an immediate moment of recognition. Your colloquial reference may be what you call, an ‘Aha’ moment. Indeed, aha!

From that point in time, one’s past begins to unravel, sometimes gently, other times with such intensity one can be literally stopped in one’s tracks. The inner work takes one into a deepened state of conscious awareness. At those times, it may even be difficult to maintain one’s equilibrium enough to continue in one’s outer material employment or involvement. At that time, many pull back and hesitate to follow the spirit. Thus, many beings continue with life as usual, dabbling ever so lightly in the spirit—on weekends or late night meanderings when time permits. This is understandable for those whose responsibilities toward family maintenance and security appear paramount.

However, there can be a balance if one sees the path of the spirit as a wholistic way of life, instead of a spiritual activity done once or twice per day. When one goes deeper into spirit, one comes to realize that in order to fully embrace one’s highest nature, one must shift one’s attitudes and even one’s understanding of what is spirit.

One begins to know that one’s love for others is what is paramount in importance and not whether one meditates and for how long, whether one becomes a Sanyasin or a householder. It does not matter.

Spirit is not a mythical journey into the unknown, as much as it is a conscious daily effort to seek and follow the highest way. It permeates all of what one thinks, speaks and does. It colors one’s relationships and forms one’s demeanor which reflects one’s highest good. It is a distinctly different way of life, but it is real and tangible, whether or not one discovers and revels in cosmic truths! Unless one can translate those cosmic realizations, that human beings are so fond of discussing, into life experiences, one is simply getting lost in the starry cosmos, leading to nowhere.

When a being embraces the higher truths as revealed to him/her in prayer, in meditation, in somber reflection, or in the pursuit of loving awareness, one’s life begins to change. It is indeed a process of becoming, rather than a process of reaching a particular set of goals. One can become expert at Yoga Asanas and completely miss the point.

All the tools in the world cannot set you free without earnest self-examination, without actual deep and pervading surrender to Divine.

When you meet a fully realized soul, there is no pomp and glamour, no fame and fortune necessarily. The feeling is often quite subdued, but there is a deep knowing that can be observed in silence, often in stunning, mesmerizing silence. Indeed, as the great Master spoke, all things are revealed in Silence. It is astonishing the effect one human being, fully engrossed in spirit, has upon any number of beings in the world, near or far.

On Walking the Talk
One cannot take on the mantle of realization without truly walking the path with full concentration and sincere longing for Divine.

No matter how many disciples one amasses with one’s foray into the spiritual realm, unless one’s heart is pure and one’s aim is true, one ends up fooling no one but oneself. All of you have seen such displays of famous gurus playing out their desire for fame and fortune! The world is full of such.

However, those who speak the Truth are neither interested in fame nor tempted by fortune. They speak the Truth and are often silent in regards to their own greatness.

Humility is the mark of the true follower of Divine Truth.

On The Power in Light
Yes, yes. Shall we continue in this vein? It is our understanding of human evolution that, at some point, if the civilization is not being pushed in the direction of spirit, there will be changes that precipitate such direction toward manifesting in the collective consciousness.

It is such a case now, when human beings, rather than turning inward and embracing the spiritual, have instead shunned the spirit in favor of mass materialism and the pursuit of commercial, material success at all costs.

That said, no doubt there are pockets of those who wish to evolve in spirit and it is those beings who are creating an arc which is shifting the world slowly but surely toward higher goals.

Interesting that it appears to take a smaller number of dedicated human beings moving toward the Light, both in theory and practice, to shift levels of awareness of the whole. That is for simple reasons:

There is more power in Light than in darkness.

There is more power in Love than in hatred.

There is more power in Truth than in falsehood.

Those truly aligned with their higher purposes, those engaged in acts of conscious compassion and love, can affect a turn in the course of the whole of civilization.

This mammoth effort takes hearts with pure intent to heal—
without agendas,
without penchant for name or fame,
without expectation of reward or awards for their great efforts made in the spirit of humanity helping humanity and humanity healing Earth.

Yes, and those who vibrate on such a higher level of Truth will, in fact, garner support from other planets, from higher sources, from angels, devas, High Beings of Light in existence on this planet, and from the force of Nature under the auspices of Almighty. Yes, yes, yes. Ah, there is so much power in it!

We bow our heads, to honour such creative spirit that aligns itself to Divine.

We are, in awe and wonder, in gratitude for our fellow journeyers,

January 26, 2016 12 On Fivefold Path*

Yes, yes. Human beings respond quite kindly to causes, it seems. If a cause pulls at one’s heartstrings, the response is equally heartfelt. This is a positive aspect of human behavior, as it indicates a lessening of the apathy that can easily take hold in this increasingly insensitive world.

However, the fact that human beings can still be brought to their knees in either gratitude or deep compassion is what continues to inspire and encourage support from all realms. Indeed, this is the valiant human spirit for which we fight to save.

When one human being opens his or her heart to another in crisis or in need, the stark emptiness of the material world is greatly diminished. One begins to feel connectivity to all in need. When you help one individual, your generosity inspires others and a chain reaction can occur. This is often referred to as ‘paying it forward.’ This does not have to be a deliberate act even. Just the very nature of compassion is so expansive that it is bound to spread, like wildfire!

That said, unfortunately it is often the case that major charities milk the public for all they’re worth, yet squander money on less important material matters or unseen profit. It is through hand to hand, heart to heart giving in one’s daily life that true service is accomplished. It is personal. It is heartfelt. It is not just a check in the mail to a major conglomerate in the name of those in need.

It is in touching and embracing another human being in need that one’s heart opens to the Light.

Giving to causes, which are true, is another story. When you know the cause and it is transparent to the eye, when you believe in the work which is being done by the funds raised—this falls under the category of service.

When practicing Daan, sharing one’s assets in a spirit of humility, there are regulations which guide the giving, so that it will assist one in maintaining humility and graciousness. Thus, one learns the proper way of loosening one’s ties to one’s material bounty. This, according to great teachings, is described in literature which embodies the Master’s wealth of truth.

One must select the recipient of this act of giving, sharing, with care. One must be certain that the recipient of one’s gift will utilize it for its intent. Indeed, one must be correct in receiving as well.

All in all, it is a valued practice and one which shall prevail, as a tenet on what is referred to by the Master as ‘Fivefold Path.’* Indeed, these precepts are all simple and well-defined. One shall find great growth and development in simply practicing these five basic tenets. Should you find it inspiring and valuable in life, certainly it would behoove you to teach it.

Returning to the basics is one way to explain it. Returning to all which is true and kind, careful and clear, will always benefit one on any spiritual path. It can be applied to any walk of life, any religion or faith. Such wonderful basic principles are of great value in a far-too-complicated world of today.

Blessings abound.

We are,

Note: *Fivefold Path:
Agnihotra for purification of the atmosphere
Daan – sharing assets in a spirit of humility to reduce attachments
Tapa – Self-Discipline for training the mind
Karma – Doing good action without expectation
Swadhyaya – Self Study: ‘Who am I? Why am I here?’

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