Agnihotra Ash Neutralizes Radioactivity– An Initial Trial

Dr. Ulrich Berk
 Deutsche Gesellschaft für Homa-Therapie
(German Association of Homa Therapy)

An experiment was done two years back in the Physics Institute of Academy of Science,Kiev (former Soviet Union, now Ukraine.) The scientists had received radioactive rice from the Fukushima region for some tests. They measured the level of radioactivity, then put the rice in Agnihotra Ash Water and measured again daily. After three days radioactivity began to go down, and after ten days only the background radioactivity was left.

We wanted to repeat this experiment at Pune University. Prof. Dr. Dhole offered his help. Alas,the rice which we got from Japan was not radioactive enough, therefore a replication of the Kiev experiment is still pending.

(For more on this experiment, please download Homa – Impact on Environment – Radioactivity (1) 

If anyone can assist us in acquiring highly radioactive rice for further testing, please contact Dr. Berk.–Ed.)