From the Orion Transmissions

received by Parvati Rosen-Bizberg
Wysoka, Poland

April 29, 2015 On Strength in Numbers
Yes, yes. So much suffering in the world at this time. Dear ones, bow your heads in prayer for those less fortunate than yourselves. Expand your hearts to include the whole of humanity. Seek not to condemn or place blame.

It is possible to take a stand and unite with those whose voices combine as ONE—to drown out hatred, to build bridges between you instead of erecting roadblocks to keep you apart.

Where there is injustice, where there is grave error in judgment, dear ones—speak with a voice that calls for brotherhood and sisterhood, yet speak with honour and self-respect. Walk in Peace.

There is strength in numbers—numbers of beings assembled in Light, in Love, with the breadth of compassion and understanding—for harmony, unity and equality for all.

There is little time to waste in anger fueled by fear. One must work for peace in a world that seems devoid of peace.

We salute those who seek peaceful resolution and who, arm in arm, refuse to be defeated. Love is the mission and the goal. Remember this always.

Walk in Light.

May 17, 2015 On Transmission of Higher Knowledge
(This transmission came on the birthday of Parama Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj of Akkalkot, India. He vowed to resuscitate the Vedas and brought us Agnihotra, sunrise/sunset Vedic healing fire.)

Yes, yes. Dear ones, all that you know, all realizations and discoveries, all that you believe to be true—all this is a small fraction, a minute part of what IS.

Even the greatest of all teachers who have walked the Earth by command of Almighty—though their souls may be fully realized—even they cannot teach the Truths they have perceived. There are no words for ultimate Truths.

What can be transmitted when in the rarified presence of a realized being at one with Divine, reaches human beings through another channel which surpasses rational thought, and it eludes conceptual understanding.

When in the presence of Divinity, one’s entire being is transformed. The cells of one’s body are given a boost. Even the very basic processes in the body are redirected. On a mental level, one has no way of explaining what one has experienced.

When Truth is being transmitted, that Truth enters the mind and energizes one’s thinking process.

This Truth can be transmitted via Mantra, intensified repetition of Holy Name, via chanting of sacred Mantras in an atmosphere prepared to receive such high vibrations. Yes, in this manner, Truth can be transmitted, but it is of no use to try to bottle and distill that which is of purest particles of energy.

The great Master whom you now honour on this day was beyond explanation. His greatness rests quietly in a fully realized Body. Thus, the Holy Presence whom you call SHREE has transcended all levels of understanding and is indeed OMNIPRESENT.

In such a resonance, all stand to be purified and transformed by GRACE. This is the point. This IS the Realization we have been pushing towards.

Blessings upon this Holy day in the heart of those fortunate to have perceived and received His Grace.

All our Love.


May 18, 2015 On Sustainability
Yes, yes. Sustain. Sustain. Sustain yourselves with your own foods, your own resources as far as possible. We realize that some of you may need to depend upon the grid, at least for the time being. However, the goal should be self-sufficiency.

What you cannot manage as of yet in terms of say, electric power, you can make up in improvement of soil and growing your own foods and herbs, preparing your own medicines and tinctures. You can manage the resources you have at your disposal. Later, alternative energy will become available at quite an affordable offer. This will come soon, actually.

June 16. 2015 On Protection of Homa
Yes, yes. X is both sensitive and afraid of being sensitive, simultaneously. It is important to realize that, when one is in Homa atmosphere, in a place where fires are being performed regularly, there is nothing that can harm you. However, it is also a good practice to make use of protective tools, such as the healing ash, etc. It would be a good idea to keep such sacred healing tools in use and present, particularly in the room where she sleeps. Perhaps this being would do well to wear a protective Yantram or Narmada Sand, as this emanates healing and protective vibrations. The fire itself is protective and also healing, often resulting in the need for sleeping hours being reduced.

Blessings. Blessings. Blessings. OM.

June 19, 2015 On True Spiritual Path
Yes, yes. As long as the heart beats, one’s work in life continues. Till the moment of one’s last breath, one can evolve and should, by all means, seek to progress on what you refer to as ‘spiritual path.’ This leads us to the topic, ‘spiritual path.’

When one begins to follow a specific blueprint or path endowed by a prophet, a great Guru, or spiritual mentor or master, one takes a step towards one’s goal of self-realization or God realization. If one has no particular guide and simply decides to follow his or her own heart through the ups and downs, ins and outs of life, this is also a type of ‘spiritual path.’

However, simply practicing meditation techniques, pranayama, hatha yoga postures, chanting from ancient scripture or repeating mantras 10,000 times are not what constitutes spiritual path.

One’s walk through life is one’s path.

One’s walk is one’s way to serve Divine.

It is living in accordance with the basic laws of Nature, the striving for improvement in one’s interactions with others, the tempering of one’s words and the rearranging of one’s own thought processes to let in more Light, that is truly spiritual path.

When human beings enter into a particular spiritual practice or study, often they begin to feel superior to those who either follow no particular spiritual direction or follow another line. They begin to take on a holier-than-thou attitude, the antithesis of spiritual path! With this newfound pseudo-confidence, the judgment begins.

On true spiritual path, judgment is like the enemy. When one gives in to judgment, one closes the doors of the heart and blocks one’s very spiritual progress. Here, we do not mean giving helpful advice or reminders to those near. This, when done with kindness, is a gesture of compassion. It is the overall tone of judgment one takes on when one feels superior that is most debilitating on any spiritual path.

There is validity to almost all spiritual paths, often at the root of them. Religions began from a seed of Truth and often spiraled out of control, when the idea of controlling others was introduced.

Human nature can be easily drawn into controversy and judgment. One must guard against judgment as a sentry at the gates of heaven!

We call upon human beings to revel in their own joyous songs, chants and prayers to Almighty and accept other ways as being equal to your own. Acceptance and kindness will be your calling cards, as you walk resolutely on your chosen paths. Walk with Light, in Light. Practice forgiveness and let it fill your spirit with joy.

These are grave times on planet Earth. They call for greatness of character. They call forth those who can meet the challenges with strength and purpose, with grace and fortitude.

There are many paths which lead to Divine. There is not one way. The tools in one’s hands are those which will uplift and lead them home. Share them openly and willingly with those whom you feel will benefit from them. Teach them freely, but without expectation of reward or accolades.

Blessings abound for those who walk in humility and Grace shall be showered upon them in great abundance. OM.

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