Changing Bad Habits

To rid yourself of negative habit patterns, replace them. Concentrate only on positive thoughts. Positive actions will result. Get out of these material worldly desires.

It is not a question of liking or disliking oneself. You take care of the physical body because it is an instrument. You take better care to train the mind so that it to can be utilized as an instrument. If there are habits you wish to change, you were told what to do to change them. Do not concentrate on the bad habit. Replace it with a good one, one which promotes good health and awareness. If you tend to be critical of those nearest to you, then make all efforts to praise them. Compliment them–not to employ flattery, but sincere positive effort. It will help you. The other person may also benefit, but you are able to break your habit. It is like that.

If you truly feel the need to change yourself, try not to negate all that is good in you. If you feel that these traits you don’t like are so unbearable to face in yourself, then leave them aside and focus on the Master. Do Mantra intensely. One by one these fears will subside. One by one you will be able to take the opportunity to better what characteristics you find disturbing in yourself. If you feel you are too critical, instead of finding fault in others, find something positive and either think it our speak it, or both. Do the same things with yourself. Refuse to focus on what is negative in yourself. See it, then let it go. Do not be snagged by this negative self-appraisal. Humility. At the same time, let go of expectations of yourself and of others. The less you judge yourself, the less you will judge those around you.