Soil in HOMA atmosphere holds moisture better than any soil. It is due to the ghee and the feedback of the HOMA on the atmosphere. When the nutritional rain comes, the nutrients and moisture are sustained as a unit in the soil. This makes for better quality vegetation. It seems fantastic but it is true.

In HOMA Therapy Farming the result of the HOMA process is that something physical interacts with the soil making the nutrients already there more potent. When nutrients are absent, cultivating the growth of nutrients necessary for healthy plant life is achieved by the HOMA process.

In Agnihotra atmosphere the metabolic process of plants is sped up. It is the ghee used in Agnihotra process that is the catalytic factor and on a more subtle level the Mantras interacting with the combined effect of the burnt ghee and rice. This combination enters the soil after returning from the solar range. It enters the plants by, one might say, attaching itself to minerals and water absorbed by the root system of the plant. The ghee acts as a catalyst creating a chemical reaction with the plant aiding in enzyme and vitamin production and encouraging and increasing the cyclic rate. In other words the plants mature faster, taste better and are better just by mere performance of Agnihotra in the garden.

Aeration of soil, of course, is an important part of gardening or farming. If HOMA ash is placed on top of soil before it is tilled or cultivated it does a lot to help nourish the plant and make the plant happy. It is important to make the plant happy as that is the way the plants can start to give us the feedback effect of Love. The more love you put into the farm or garden, the more HOMA is performed, specifically revolving around Agnihotra, the greater the vibrations of Love will be in the area and the happier the people will be. Also the greater and tastier the yield will be.

Agnihotra and Agnihotra ash, when put on the soil, help stabilize the amount of nitrogen and potassium present.

Trace elements in the soil are changing drastically. Trace elements are important to plant growth and maturation. HOMA Therapy farming is the way out. With HOMA Farming it begins to become important that all phases of nature work in harmony.

Trees begin to lose their hold in the ground. The soil is having difficulty supporting life. Trees tend to fall over. HOMA and HOMA Therapy nourish the ground.
The entire ecological system is benefited by YAJNYA. For example, earthworms are able to generate more moisture in the soil due to performance of YAJNYA. The YAJNYA makes them happy and their hormone secretions increase, thereby benefiting the soil and therefore the plants that live in the soil. The earthworm is important to farming. HOMA atmosphere increases the hormones in earthworms involved in their reproductive organs and helps multiplication of the species which in turn helps the soil to become more rich.

Chemical fertilizers will prove less effective. There will be more government regulation to guard against health hazards. HOMA Therapy Farming is the answer.