Plant Structure and Physiology

Plants grown in YAJNYA atmosphere evolve networks of veins that are cylindrical and larger than normal, permitting water and nutrients easier movement to all parts of the plant. This helps growth and reproduction cycles. Also, it helps in the production of chlorophyll and plant breathing, thereby helping the oxygen recycling system of nature.

If slides are prepared they will show the difference in cellular structure in plants bred in YAJNYA atmosphere as compared to those which are not.

Subtle energies begin to have more obvious effect on plants now. It can be easily recorded if some scientists want to put their minds to it.

A change in the nuclear structure in plants due to pollution makes it impossible for humans to extract nutrition to survive unless plants are grown in Agnihotra atmosphere with Agnihotra ash. Then the plant defies changes and maintains its place in the balance of nature.

The pathological structure, nutritive structure of plants are changing. By practice of Agnihotra much of the nutrition, taste and above all a new highly beneficial ingredient are packed into a small area, giving satisfaction (in the sense of quality and quantity) and health. The taste, texture, color, size of kernel which is the seed become excellent.
The root system in plants changes due to HOMA atmosphere. Roots stay small and less troublesome due to extreme quality of nutrients the plants extracts from the soil.

A new phenomena is noted in HOMA Therapy Farming with respect to soybean crops. It will be beneficial to farmers and gardeners to set aside part of their planting area for soybeans where possible. When using HOMA Farming techniques a strange situation occurs with respect to the pathological structure of the legume. A chemical reaction occurs whereby antibodies are introduced into the body by the ingestion of soybeans. This will help combat several diseases, some of which medical people are aware of and some of which are yet to occur. This will only occur where HOMA Therapy is used and it is given by Grace.