Help for the Environment

The principles of life must be restated now on this Earth. Everyone must be made aware that YAJNYA is necessary to survive. We withdraw nutrients from the environment. They must somehow be replaced. YAJNYA is the means.

When Agnihotra is performed there is a turbulence of electricities and ethers created by the combination of Mantras and fire that extends all the way to the solar range. This turbulence leads to a quick upheaval of the nutrient structure in the area.

More people should begin to perform Agnihotra under a tree. This makes the tree happy and the tree dances and sings. Also the birds are much attracted to Agnihotra. It is healing to them.

HOMA trees will soon begin to grow. They will be a species in themselves. They are now generating in intense HOMA atmosphere.

Nature is in total turmoil; so much destruction is coming now. We must saturate the atmosphere with nutrients. Ghee is the vehicle. Mantras are the power. HOMA must be done now on a large scale.

The Earth has been robbed of its elements by pollution. HOMA can replace these things which are vital to all life.

The Earth is wasting away. HOMA is the way to save it.