Crop Yield

When growing plants in Agnihotra atmosphere do not necessarily expect the plants themselves to become large; instead observe the size, quality and appearance of the vegetable, fruit or flower. All the energy of the plant goes towards yield because by performance of HOMA we make the plants happy.

Energy patterns of plants are arranged in such a way that when HOMA is performed the injection of nutritional content into the atmosphere helps shape and mold these patterns harmoniously so that the result is fantastic yield and excellent quality. Agnihotra is the basic YAJNYA.

A strange phenomenon occurs when plants are bred in Agnihotra atmosphere. An aura-type field of energy is generated from the plant and exists around the plant while Agnihotra is performed in its proximity. The field contains nutrients and vibrations of Love. The plant is continually able to draw on this resource that is given by performance of Agnihotra in the area. This gives the plant the ability to maintain maximum growth and yield levels. At the same time a feedback of Love is given to the area, helping to negate the effects of thought pollution.

Fruit trees will yield double the usual size and with twice the meat if Agnihotra and HOMA are performed regularly in the orchards. Orange would be a good fruit to begin with as it will quickly, almost immediately, give results.

Tangerine or orange trees will show good results with HOMA Therapy experiments. It will be easy to see quickly with either of these species. Pear trees will bear sweeter fruit in HOMA atmosphere.