Agnihotra – the Solution for Radioactivity

Following are some ideas and suggestions from Monika Koch, pharmacist, long-time Agnihotra teacher, and author of Homa Therapy, The Ancient Science of Healing:

We hear about the situation in Japan with problems of radioactivity and are deeply concerned. But not only in Japan there are such problems. We know about many nuclear tests in Kazakhstan, the situation in Chernobyl as well as with other problematic nuclear situations worldwide, whether they are known to public or not; even many submarine boats are confronted with radioactive problems of their nuclear systems for energy, etc.

What can we do practically? What can I do?
Agnihotra, the healing pyramid-fire of Ayurveda, supports healing and balance on all levels, even when there are problems with radioactivity. The Agnihotra fire supports the basic healing of atmosphere as well as for all humans, animals, plant life and all nature at the place where it is performed. This healing is also locked in the ashes of the Agnihotra fire and is there like a medicinal substance with all qualities of the Agnihotra fire available for all and everything at all times. You can eat it, drink it, add it to your bathwater and bathe in it. You can add it to water and wash your clothes in it. You can make your own medicines, ointments for wounds, inhalations for the lungs, compresses, eye drops, etc. It has been proven to support healing, even when nothing else would provide any healing. You also can spray your food, plants land and riverside with Agnihotra ash for healing. Please find detailed explanations of how to perform Agnihotra and how to make use of your own Agnihotra ashes as folk-medicines, complete book-text and video free of charge on the website
Please find many experiences and results of healing worldwide on the website

What else can we do, especially in the situation of high radioactivity? It has been proven to be very helpful to drink a lot of green tea always with a bit of Agnihotra ash in every cup of green tea. Additionally it helps when you use a lot of Miso mixed with Agnihotra ash. You can use this mixture for all your soups, vegetables, salads, grains, rice, etc., but also as a spread on your bread or just dissolved in water to drink. It is very helpful to use plenty of green tea and miso together with the Agnihotra ashes.

And what can you do in a situation of emergency, when you have no Agnihotra pyramid at hand, no Agnihotra ashes for help? Dr. Masaru Emoto of Japan has proven in all of his books that you can charge water with energies (please see his books). And when you have nothing at hand, only a pencil and a piece of paper, what can you do then? You just can write the words, “OM SHREE” and “AGNIHOTRA ASH” on the paper and then put everything that you drink, every glass of water or tea, first on these words on the paper and let it set there as long as possible, so that the water can take over the energy of these words. Afterwards, when you drink it, all the cells of your body will get this healing information and can have support. Let all your drinking water and your food set on such words written on paper, overnight and also during the day, so that all your drinks and food can get this healing energy for your welfare.

Dr. Emoto is explaining how the energy of words can be transferred into water, and by drinking such water and washing your clothes with such water, feeding your pets and plants and gardens with it you can give great support, when performing Agnihotra or using Agnihotra ash is not possible.

And in case there is some situation of super-emergency, if you have no chance for Agnihotra or Agnihotra ashes, and if you even have no pencil and no paper to write on? Then you just can sing these words to give the healing energetic information to all that you drink and eat, to all your bodily cells and clothing, to all rain that might fall and to all snowflakes that might cover your body. Sing it again and again to all air, to all land and river and ocean, that everyone and everything can get this great energy of healing information, with all love of your heart, because everyone and everything needs this healing.

And what can you do for help, when you are at some place far away from such disaster? You can share such information with any friends or strangers in need, who stay in places of danger–by phone, by mail, by email, by thoughts, by the love of your heart. From at home, where you stay just now, you can choose to support some person, some family, some children, some healer, some yoga group or whoever with your communication, just as you would like to support some dear aunty overseas. You just can be in touch with whoever you decide to support. As we all are like brothers and sisters of the same family, and let us fill all spheres with love!