Vasant Paranjpe on Agnihotra & Radioactivity

In light of the nuclear power plant /radiation issues unfolding in Japan, we have received numerous requests for information on Agnihotra and radioactivity.

The following are some quotes from Homa Therapy, Our Last Chance  by Vasant V. Paranjpe:

Chapter 3—More About Agnihotra Homa
“When Agnihotra is performed, the Agnihotra smoke gathers particles of harmful radiation in the atmosphere and on a very subtle level, neutralizes their radioactive effect. Nothing is destroyed, merely changed.”

“Agnihotra ash totally solves the radiation problem. Even more so Agnihotra negates its effect. Agnihotra neutralizes harmful radiation and cleanses the planet.”
Chapter 4–Yajnya, the Great Material Aid
“When radioactive particles and poisonous gases are released from the earth’s core, our only protection is YAJNYA.”

Chapter 10–Let Science and Government Be Warned
“…we would like to remind you that around Chernobyl, site of the nuclear power plant accident, the insects have not died. They have become radioactive. They will multiply and create havoc. There is no way to stop them except Agnihotra Homa Therapy. Scientists please examine carefully what we are telling you. We would also like to state that due to seepage of radiation, people near Chernobyl will get sores on the body that begin to ooze. This will create panic. Much pressure will be put on scientists and the medical profession to come up with solutions. They have no way out but to come to us. We will offer our services with humility and Love. Here again Agnihotra and Agnihotra ash healing will work.”