Ecovillage Wayra Wasi

Martha Cecilia Henau
Ecovillage Wayra Wasi
Valle del Cauca, Colombia, South America

With the buzzards
One day my friend Dorita told me that in her place she had some buzzards that entered the guest villas and caused a lot of damage and scared the guests. She had already called several of the companies that do these kinds of controls. But the solution they gave was that they would eliminate these birds. So, we chose to make an attempt using the Homa Therapy fires and talk to the head of the flock.

During Agnihotra, we mentally told the buzzard leader to welcome the buzzards that lived here back into his flock. And likewise, the buzzards living here, also received the information to leave this place and join the flock. Sure enough, after we did Om Tryambakam Homa in the four cardinal points of this area and in all the guest villas, they left. Three months later they returned. But Dorita made again the same request in front of the Agnihotra fire and since then, they have not returned.

My dream fulfilled
I had always dreamed of having a holistic wellness center to serve the community. Since I started practicing Agnihotra and other Homa fires permanently, I could fulfill my goals every day. My beautiful teacher, Dorita, shared with me her teachings about the Homa fires and I have been able to verify that one remains in balance and harmony from within the heart and one can help many people.

The ash of the basic Homa fire, called Agnihotra, is an ancient medicine that can be used for any problem, whether physical, mental or emotional. I have verified this in the support of my family and with people who attend the place where I am the guardian and where we, together with my daughter, are offering relaxation and meditation workshops.

Breath management, which I have learned through the Zoom room with Homa Therapy Teacher Abel Hernandez, has been of utmost importance for me and for all of us who do meditation here in this beautiful and blessed place in front of Lake Calima.

Our crops
We cultivate organic crops which are energized and nourished with the ashes of Homa Therapy. We do not use chemical products that poison the body. We take care of the environment through the daily practice of Agnihotra and Om Tryambakam Homa.

The important and amazing thing we see with Homa Therapy is that crops have protection against pests and diseases.

We see in the banana cultivation that we have very healthy and resistant plants, which retain their natural flavor and do not present internal or external damage.

Our beans are also resistant to pests and ants do not attack them.

Bocashi or ferment, which we also apply, is prepared with organic waste plus Homa ash.
Our banana production was 7 tons / ha; however, now with healthy and strong plants we achieve 8 tons/ha.

The variety of beans we have, usually produce 1 ton /ha and when Homa ash is applied, that amount increases to 1.5 tons/ha.
We conserve rainwater in reservoirs where we apply Agnihotra ash.
We have a water tank that stores 24,600 liters of water. We also place Agnihotra ash in the water sources on our farm. We care for and protect water sources in this way.

In addition to practicing Agnihotra daily, we apply Agnihotra ash and the ash of the other Homas everywhere and we see the fruits in a healthy, harmonious and strong environment.

Gratitude for this beautiful healing and naturally balancing technique. OM SHREE