Nakshatra Yajnya

Nakshatra Yajnya

Sarvajit Paranjpe
Maheshwar, India

Nakshatra Yajnya was performed at Homa Therapy Goshala, Maheshwar, India from 25th to
27th September 2023.

The Nakshatra Yajnya is performed for peace and harmony in all the constellations.
Everything near to us, affects us in some way. It may affect us directly or indirectly.
Earth’s living beings are affected by the biosphere.

Everything we have in the Earth’s system is divided into four subsystems: land, water,
living things, and air. These subsystems are called spheres: Geosphere (Land),
Hydrosphere (Water), Biosphere (living things) and Atmosphere (Air). All four spheres can
be found in one single location. All the spheres in the system interact with each other.

The atmosphere is comprised of troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere,
thermosphere, and exosphere. Beyond the exosphere is outer space.

Nakshatras are constellations present in the lunar mansion. They are a segment of the orbital plane of Earth around the Sun through which the Moon passes in its orbit around
the Earth. Nakshatra Yajnya is for peace at these orbital levels.

Nakshatra Purpose (for All Life)
1 Krittika-Food sustainability
2 Rohini-Friendliness towards all
3 Mrigashirsha-Getting respect
4 Ardra-Acquisition of material tools and things required to complete our work.
5 Punarvasu-To have people and animals in our life
6 Pushya-To achieve Self-knowledge
7 Ashlesha-Harmony within the families
8 Magha-For contentment and happiness of our elders, forefathers and
9 Purva Phalguni-Achieve material success
10 Uttara Phalguni-To acquire fame and be superior like God
11 Hasta-Everyone shall achieve success in  their own field of work
12 Chitra-Growth in plant and animal kingdoms- fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, different animals etc.
13 Swati-Achieve success in this human world
14 Vishakha-Love and respect in our community
15 Anuradha-for friendly companionship, partnership
16 Jyeshtha-Everyone shall get respect within their community
17 Mulam-We shall have a progeny-children, grandchildren, and
people connected with us
18 Purva Ashadha-To become large-hearted, sympathetic, kind like the ocean,
the way the ocean is large-hearted, who welcomes all rivers, tributaries, etc. regardless of their
purity; we too shall be kindhearted and accepting towards all.
19 Uttara Ashadha-We shall never see failure
20 Abhijit-We shall be victorious and achieve our highest goal of Self-realization
21 Sravana-If someone has heard something wrong or bad about us, those misunderstandings should be removed.
22 Dhanishta-One shall excel, be ahead in one’s community
23 Shatabhisha-To get strength, power, endurance
24 Purva-Bhadrapada To get Divine energy and lustre
25 Uttara Bhadrapada-Love and respect within our community
26 Revati-Prosperity and growth in animal species helpful to us- cows, bees,
sheep, bulls, horses, etc.
27 Ashvini-Everyone shall be healthy and disease-free
28 Bharani-All shall achieve greatness and mastery in our life and Community
29 Amavasya-Good thoughts, equanimity towards all and wellbeing of all.
30 Chandramasi-May everyone have the strength and power to face the
circumstances in life.
31 Ahoratra-Day and night are covered. All-expanding is a comprehensive,
powerful, and experienced Deity. Let us all be free from sins and we
may get strength to be free from bad actions and get liberation.
32 Ushas-Purify your mind, thoughts, and deeds. Let all the Divine qualities
be included in us.
33 Nakshatra-Equanimity and good thoughts towards all.
34 Surya Nakshatra-All should be taken along and all should be liberated.
35 Aditi-May we all be tolerant, just as the land endures all and gives us good
36 Vishnu-Let us be inclusive of all. Also, all your actions should be like Idam na mama – surrender to the Divine.

Note-Special Yajnyas, such as Somayag and Nakshatra Yajnya, can require years of training and strict disciplines; therefore, few people will be able to perform them. Agnihotra, tuned to the biorhythm of sunrise/sunset, is the basic Yajnya which any person can perform with a little effort. Thousands of people all over the world have experienced its positive effects on the environment as well as physical and mental human health. It is open to all.-Ed.