Nakshatra Yajnya September/October 2023 Satsang | Volume 51 #4 | New Era 80

Nakshatra Yajnya

Sarvajit Paranjpe
Maheshwar, India

Nakshatra Yajnya was performed at Homa Therapy Goshala, Maheshwar, India from 25th to
27th September 2023.

The Nakshatra Yajnya is performed for peace and harmony in all the constellations.
Everything near to us, affects us in some way. It may affect us directly or indirectly.
Earth’s living beings are affected by the biosphere.

Everything we have in the Earth’s system is divided into four subsystems: land, water,
living things, and air. These subsystems are called spheres: Geosphere (Land),
Hydrosphere (Water), Biosphere (living things) and Atmosphere (Air). All four spheres can
be found in one single location. All the spheres in the system interact with each other.

The atmosphere is comprised of troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere,
thermosphere, and exosphere. Beyond the exosphere is outer space.

Nakshatras are constellations present in the lunar mansion. They are a segment of the orbital plane of Earth around the Sun through which the Moon passes in its orbit around
the Earth. Nakshatra Yajnya is for peace at these orbital levels.

Nakshatra Purpose (for All Life)
1 Krittika-Food sustainability
2 Rohini-Friendliness towards all
3 Mrigashirsha-Getting respect
4 Ardra-Acquisition of material tools and things required to complete our work.
5 Punarvasu-To have people and animals in our life
6 Pushya-To achieve Self-knowledge
7 Ashlesha-Harmony within the families
8 Magha-For contentment and happiness of our elders, forefathers and
9 Purva Phalguni-Achieve material success
10 Uttara Phalguni-To acquire fame and be superior like God
11 Hasta-Everyone shall achieve success in  their own field of work
12 Chitra-Growth in plant and animal kingdoms- fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, different animals etc.
13 Swati-Achieve success in this human world
14 Vishakha-Love and respect in our community
15 Anuradha-for friendly companionship, partnership
16 Jyeshtha-Everyone shall get respect within their community
17 Mulam-We shall have a progeny-children, grandchildren, and
people connected with us
18 Purva Ashadha-To become large-hearted, sympathetic, kind like the ocean,
the way the ocean is large-hearted, who welcomes all rivers, tributaries, etc. regardless of their
purity; we too shall be kindhearted and accepting towards all.
19 Uttara Ashadha-We shall never see failure
20 Abhijit-We shall be victorious and achieve our highest goal of Self-realization
21 Sravana-If someone has heard something wrong or bad about us, those misunderstandings should be removed.
22 Dhanishta-One shall excel, be ahead in one’s community
23 Shatabhisha-To get strength, power, endurance
24 Purva-Bhadrapada To get Divine energy and lustre
25 Uttara Bhadrapada-Love and respect within our community
26 Revati-Prosperity and growth in animal species helpful to us- cows, bees,
sheep, bulls, horses, etc.
27 Ashvini-Everyone shall be healthy and disease-free
28 Bharani-All shall achieve greatness and mastery in our life and Community
29 Amavasya-Good thoughts, equanimity towards all and wellbeing of all.
30 Chandramasi-May everyone have the strength and power to face the
circumstances in life.
31 Ahoratra-Day and night are covered. All-expanding is a comprehensive,
powerful, and experienced Deity. Let us all be free from sins and we
may get strength to be free from bad actions and get liberation.
32 Ushas-Purify your mind, thoughts, and deeds. Let all the Divine qualities
be included in us.
33 Nakshatra-Equanimity and good thoughts towards all.
34 Surya Nakshatra-All should be taken along and all should be liberated.
35 Aditi-May we all be tolerant, just as the land endures all and gives us good
36 Vishnu-Let us be inclusive of all. Also, all your actions should be like Idam na mama – surrender to the Divine.

Note-Special Yajnyas, such as Somayag and Nakshatra Yajnya, can require years of training and strict disciplines; therefore, few people will be able to perform them. Agnihotra, tuned to the biorhythm of sunrise/sunset, is the basic Yajnya which any person can perform with a little effort. Thousands of people all over the world have experienced its positive effects on the environment as well as physical and mental human health. It is open to all.-Ed.

Parama Dham’s 50th Anniversary


Members of the Madison Homa Community who live nearby. (From left, Darlene Haggerty, Gabriele Masill, Franklin Nelson, Mike Branning, Lisa and Richard Powers.)

September 22, 2023 marked the 50th anniversary of the Parama Dham Fire Temple in Madison, Virginia, USA. Inaugurated by Shree Vasant in 1973, Parama Dham was the first Fire Temple in the world established under Parama Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj’s dispensation of resuscitation of the ancient science of atmospheric purification for the New Age. The name Parama Dham, which means House of Almighty Father, was chosen by Maharaj Shree.

In a Fire Temple, there is no priest and nothing is worshipped. Agnihotra atmospheric purification technique is performed there twice daily at sunrise and sunset. A fixed set of mantras is chanted after Agnihotra. With the exception of the mantras and specific Sanskrit verses, silence is observed in the Fire Temple at all times. The atmosphere becomes supercharged with healing energies.

In a separate room from the main temple room, 4 hours of Om Tryambakam Homa are performed daily. On no moon and full moon days, more hours of Om Tryambakam Homa are done.

Regarding Fire Temples, Shree Vasant once stated, “Time is coming in a few years when extremely strict disciplines will have to be maintained to keep up the purity of these places and the harmony cycles around them. These places will become special refuge for multitudes. It is preferable that they be situated in a large garden area where food can be grown by the YAJNYA method. We need some places in cities also.”

On September 23rd, a small celebration was held at the home of Richard and Lisa Powers. The Baltimore Homa Community and some other longtime supporters had planned to come, but Hurricane Ophelia’s stormy weather prevented all but those who live closest from attending.

We started with 12 noon Vyahruti Homa and Gayatri chanting, Sapta Shloki and Trisatya Sharanagati. A sharing of experiences at Parama Dham followed.

Over the years, countless visitors have found it easy to enjoy deep meditations at the temple; the peace so often experienced there can be profound.

Many people have mentioned hearing the Audible Life Stream in Parama Dham, the “Unstruck Music of the Universe,” or ANAHAT. By concentrating on that Divine sound, desires are lessened and the mind is unburdened. (See the article, The Unstruck Music (ANAHAT), below.)

Some visitors have had deeply moving experiences at the temple. Some years back, a man who had lost his wife and daughter in a car accident stopped by for a brief visit. After visiting the temple, he told us that for the first time since the accident, he felt as if a weight had been lifted from his heart.

Years ago, one extremely withdrawn Vietnam veteran lived just behind the temple. He used to walk by our property when my husband was building our house, observing the progress. Richard struck up a conversation with him one day and told him about Parama Dham. The man came three times for evening Agnihotra. Afterwards he told me, “This has changed my life.” Some time later, he married and became more active in the community, even heading our local homeowners association.

A four-year-old child who felt a great affinity for Buddha came to the temple with her grandmother. Afterwards, the girl kept asking her grandmother about whose house this was, who was in charge and so on. Finally she asked, “Do they know that Buddha lives there?”

Several people have stated that they saw angels, Devas or other Light Beings in the temple.

Homemade cake shared at the gathering.

The day’s program concluded with a delicious vegetarian potluck lunch.

If you would like to visit Parama Dham, please email us at to make arrangements.

Heartfelt thanks to all the people over the years, from places near and far, who have given their time, energy and financial support to keep Parama Dham going.


Homa Healing Event in Piura, Peru

Abel Hernandez and Aleta Macan
Piura, Peru

On the September 29th full moon, in Piura, Peru, Prof. Javier Cruz invited the Homa family and the general public to participate in a Healing Event. Agnihotris rented tables and chairs and hold the meeting at a park called, “Parque de las Tres Culturas” (Park of Three Cultures.)

With the help of volunteers such as Rafael, Leslie, Maria del Carmen, Rosana and many others, this beautiful full moon meeting was achieved with about 60 Agnihotra fires lit, creating an atmosphere of healing over the city. There was also a talk about the benefits of this ancient practice.


Homa Therapy Experiences

María Isabel García
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America
I am 60 years old. I have known Homa Therapy for approximately 20 years. At the time I started the practice, I had a chiropractor named James Peterson. He practiced Homa Therapy and he gave me capsules filled with Agnihotra ash. He told me, “Distribute them among people who have physical or emotional health problems. You like to help, so with these you can help.”

I gave these capsules away to people who appeared in my life and who had problems. And indeed, people experienced significant changes. If the person was depressed, he became stable. If they had a physical health problem, they improved or were healed.

It got to a point that people came to ask for more pills and even were willing to buy them. But we gave them away for free, just as Dr. Peterson did and as he had instructed us. Many people were healed.

Here is just one testimony:
Engineer Jorge Roblero, who also practices Homa Therapy, had instructed us years ago on Agnihotra, and a friend who lived in a dangerous neighborhood of the city asked if this technique could help. After hearing that Agnihotra is a healing fire, she acquired the pyramid and everything else necessary for the practice and she learned this technique correctly.
This was 20 years ago.

We accompanied her with Agnihotra in the beginning at her house. In this neighborhood there was a lot of crime and people had come from outside to sell a lot of drugs.

Our friend continued practicing Agnihotra and before a month had passed, these people had already disappeared from this neighborhood. They were no longer there. We were inquiring and the crime had disappeared more or less in a radius of about 30 blocks.

Penélope Lemos
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

I am 24 years old and I have been practicing Agnihotra for a little over a year. On a visit, I learned it with my uncle Víctor, who invited me to accompany him. While he was preparing Agnihotra, he was explaining to me a little bit about this process. I had no idea about anything, I was just present.

After Agnihotra, I felt that all the weight was gone from my head, I felt that it only had the weight of a feather. I felt super light. It was like I could breathe. It was beautiful. This happened on a Sunday and by Tuesday I already had my own Agnihotra kit with everything. From that day on, I started practicing it. But only sometimes I can do it with my uncle.

I also give the ash to the plants because I love plants a lot.

Besides, the atmosphere in our home has changed; it feels lighter.

My mother drinks water with Agnihotra ash and it has helped her a lot. She suffered from a severe type of allergy and only a certain pill worked for her. Now she hardly needs to use this pill, just the Agnihotra smoke and Agnihotra ash help her a lot.

I have also seen changes in my uncle Victor. He is super serene, super kind, too. He knows how to think things through before acting and before speaking. With Homa Therapy, he calms his mind and this light that he has inside he transmits to others, as he did to me.

From Shree Vasant’s Teachings

I Will Not Find Fault with Others
If you get into the habit of finding fault with others, you also get  in the habit of making someone a scapegoat for your own shortcomings.

There is a possibility that the person with whom you find fault is not at fault.

If you go on brooding over his faults or your own lapses, then you create channels in your own mind which bear the imprint of that dirty thing. It is like bringing someone else’s trash can into your living room and spreading it all over the floor. It is the same thing when you find fault with someone and brood over it. Think, “Do I not have these faults myself? Maybe I have them in larger measure. At least I have them in some measure.”

If you think that by finding fault with him you will improve him, most likely you are wrong. The dictum is, “Develop yourself first. Then you can think of improving the world.” When a mother, with all love, chides her child or a teacher chides his pupil, it is not fault finding. It is a method of teaching.

Always remember, “I have enough trash of my own. I do not want to bring the other person’s trash and spread it in my  living room.”

The Unstruck Music (ANAHAT)
“It was the sound of the abstract which Prophet Muhammad heard in the cave of Gare Hira when He became lost in His Divine ideal. The Quran refers to this sound in the words, ‘BE! AND ALL BECAME.’ Moses heard this very sound on Mount Sinai when in communion with God.

“The same Word was audible to the Christ when absorbed in His Heavenly Father in the wilderness.

“The flute of Krishna is symbolic of the same sound allegorically explained.

“This sound is the source of all revelation to the Masters to whom it is revealed from within. It is therefore that They know and teach the one and same TRUTH.

“The knower of the mystery of sound knows the mystery of the whole universe. Whosoever has followed the strains of this sound has forgotten all earthly distinctions and differences.”
–Inayat Khan

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by Him; and without Him was not any thing made that was made.”–St. John 1:1-3

NADA BRAHMA in Sanskrit means Sound, the Creator.

Attunement to this inner music wipes off all loads of Karma and leads one to the state of “Not my will, but Thy Will be done.”

This is RE-LIGARE (binding again to the source) from which the word “religion” comes.

This is YOGA.  (English word ‘yoke means binding the animal to the cart.)  ANAHAT NADA (unstruck music) is the method.

The NEW AGE IS USHERED IN and this method will be used to lift people up to the HOME OF THE FATHER.

To facilitate this experience in the world of turmoil HEALING FIRE of AGNIHOTRA is the easiest way.

If you keep some rooms of silence all around the world, where only AGNIHOTRA and certain other fires and Mantras are done, tuned to the biorhythms as stated in the science of HOMA THERAPY, you create an atmosphere where automatically the unstruck music manifests within oneself. Believe what you experience.


Fivefold Path for Happy Living

1. Yajnya
HOMA Therapy is the science of purification of the atmosphere through the agency of FIRE. AGNIHOTRA HOMA (YAJNYA) is the basic HOMA. It is tuned to the biorhythm of sunrise/sunset and gives nutrients to the plant kingdom, removes diseases in a certain area and removes tension on the mind. This is the basic process in the Vedic sciences of medicine, agriculture, climate engineering and interplanetary communication.
2. Daan
Sharing of your assets in a spirit of humility. This corrects imbalance in financial matters and creates non-attachment to worldly possessions.
3. Tapa
Self-discipline of body and mind. This is conducive to a change in attitudes of mind and body. It results in a harmonious state of mind.
4. Karma
“You reap as you sow.” Always practicing good Karma (actions) diminishes the burden of negative Karma and one begins to invest in his own future. This means that what you do today will bring its fruits. Sowing seeds of love and kindness will bless my garden with plenty of love. Do Karma for self-purification.
5. Swadhyaya
Practice Swadhyaya (Self-study) for liberation. Who am I? Why am I here? My work on this planet is to learn to react with total LOVE with each opportunity given to me.

This is the Fivefold Path for happy living on the planet. By practicing the Fivefold Path you become better members of your society, group, religion, community, etc.

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