Agnihotra–Spreading the Word


Many of us who have experienced beneficial effects from Agnihotra would like to make it available to others. Homa Therapy Teacher Reiner Szcypior of Austria writes:

We have a few ways to promote Agnihotra in Austria.

  • Our car is carrying the message.
  • The car of one of our friends from last month also. Both cars run in Austria.
  • MAGIC CARDS . This is a game which we give free at random to everybody. We may just meet any person on the street and ask him or her if they like to play a little game. Then we gift it to them. We do not talk about Agnihotra, only if they ask.
  • Stickers in German
  • Flags, like the Tibetan flags, but with Homa Fire
  • Big sign boards
Our car
Our friend’s car
Our friend’s car-back




















Sign board







Sarvajit Paranjpe of Fivefold Path Mission, Maheshwar, India writes that recently they made this design for stickers to promote Agnihotra.