Seven Days of Worldwide Om Tryambakam Homa

Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan
Piura, Peru

On May 18, we fulfilled the 7 days of continuous Om Tryambakam Homa globally – an achievement accomplished through the union of many Agnihotris. The average of Tryambakam Homa practiced daily was 160 hours – illuminating hearts.

With the continuous practice of Agnihotra and with the Tryambakam Homa:

  • We purify the atmosphere
  • We raise the vibrations
  • We increase the light of peace and love on our planet
  • We catch nutrients from space for Mother Earth
  • We have also been able to celebrate the birthdays of the Masters of the Sacred Homa Fires. Thanks to Mahashree and Shree Vasant we have Homa Therapy, this tool for healing, for light and protection, for well-being, for service. Love was given into our hands to use it day by day and to receive its constant blessings.

Our hearts are full of gratitude, joy and love towards the great Homa family.
Our tribes are found on all continents, and with whom we are United in Light, Love and Service. Thanks for being part of this growing family!

Let’s move on, and be aware of the Grace and Power behind this ancient technique and the power that our thoughts have in front of these sacred fires. Infinite blessings. OM SHREE

From Aleta and Abel and all coordinators of the event (Jhohananda, Diana, Nathalie, Margie, Roger, Ceneth, Thomas, Ángeles, Taniab, Tanias, Franklin, Carlita, Christ, America, Reiner, Barry, Janardhun, Datu Alan Alan): We appreciate everyone’s participation!

Below: A sample of the many photos submitted by participants from around the world. Countries shown include Austria, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Germany, India, Kazakhstan, Peru, Poland, and USA.

[Please note: Agnihotra establishes the basic healing cycle. Other Homas which we teach, such as Om Tryambakam Homa, strengthen that cycle. A person needs to have practiced Agnihotra regularly for at least two weeks, with the intention of continuing, to be eligible to learn Om Tryambakam Homa.-Ed.]