Agnihotra and the Nadi System From Shree Vasant's Teachings

(From Satsang August 6, 1981)
Prana is the life energy which pulsates through us and connects us with the cosmos. It can be termed cosmic energy to embrace vibration, radiation, pulsation. The harmonious functioning of Prana through the respiratory system affects the nervous system and yet another subtler system of the body which Yogis call the Nadi system. Nadi system is beyond the scalpel of the surgeon. Kundalini is based on Nadi system.

Mind and body affect each other. Prana is the motive force which connects the motivation of the mind and the physical action of the body. Harmonious flow of Prana determines the harmonious functioning of the nerves. Harmony between body, mind and functioning of Prana could be termed as “health.” When mind is in the grips of anger, greed, lust, jealousy, pride etc. it affects the functioning of Prana, thus leading to “dis-ease.” Similarly, harmonious functioning of Prana tends to curb the diseased state of the mind. Any tendency of the mind which takes it away from the state of total Love is dis-ease.

Our breathing is related to the phases of the moon. Breathing through the left nostril has a different effect from breathing through the right nostril. If a surgeon were to tear open the nose he will find the same filter and we are breathing in the same air. However, the different effect is on the level of the subtle Nadi system.

If sometimes you overeat, then lie for a few minutes on the left side. Automatically, the right nostril will start functioning and the process of digestion is helped. This is called the “sun” effect or heating effect in the ancient science of Yoga. If you lie on the right side the effect will be exactly opposite.

Disease on the physical body is merely the symptom of something that has gone wrong much before the symptom appeared. If instrumentation were designed to gauge the qualitative difference in T-fields and L-fields as they are called nowadays, we will be able to recognize a disease much earlier, before it manifests physically.

Our breathing system depends on the phases of the moon. Every 3 days after the full moon the Nadi system works in a particular way and then changes, culminating into a special position on no moon day. Again the 3-day cycle begins.

Exactly at the time of sunrise at the coordinate of the planet where one is situated, a change in breathing system takes place. If one is sleeping at this time, the change may or may not come about as Nature’s timetable has planned. However, if you wake up before sunrise, automatically the change will take place as Nature has planned it. If you do Agnihotra at sunrise, then you are breathing in extremely medicinal air charged with the intensified subtle energy coming out of the copper pyramid used in Agnihotra process. Agnihotra process makes use of the peculiar turbulence of energy at the timing of sunrise and sunset to bring about a beneficial change in the atmosphere.  Agnihotra induces beneficial change in the plasma source regions and plasma environment. This automatically affects Prana. Prana affects mind, and thus the capering frolic of the mind is reduced in Agnihotra atmosphere. This helps the nervous system.