Homa Farming Speeds Banana Plant Growth

Ian Carlos Andrade

Ian Carlos Andrade
Administrator of Homa Farm Joselito
Yécala, Piura, Peru, South America

I have been working with Don Hernán in Peru on the banana farm Joselito for 5 years. I come from Ecuador.

I recently had a pretty unusual experience. I did not imagine that the effects of Homa Therapy work so fast. I rarely accompany Andrés Arango, who is in charge of the Homa Technique, with the practice of Homa Therapy. But they always bring me the Agnihotra ash, also the Agnihotra ash that Eng. Hernan produces in his house. He practices the Homa Fire daily at home, if he is not on the farm.

We have a technique called “Banana Condom” that is placed on top of a selected banana shoot for optimal growth, to accelerate its growth. In this technique, the remaining stem of the harvested grandmother plant is cut and the selected grandson is covered with it in order to accelerate his growth with these nutrients.

Figure 1
Figure 2

Normally the shoot begins to emerge between 15, 18 and 22 days, depending on the vegetative material used. But this time, I did it with Agnihotra ash, thinking in my mind, God, if it is true that this ash works, then, let me see the results.

Figure 1 shows the banana shoot without Agnihotra ash, which  took 22 days to sprout.

Figure 2 shows the plant which sprouted after 5 days with the use of Agnihotra ash. The two mother plants are the same age, the condom was put on the same day, at almost the same time; both plants have the same vegetative material and the same work was done to both.

After only 5 days, the shoot with the Agnihotra ash application emerged from the condom!

This is something that is not normally seen. I told Andrés and Don Hernán of my experience in the field with the Agnihotra ash.

The vegetative material that I used is the one which takes from 15 to 22 days for the shoot to show. With Agnihotra ash we have a growth advantage that is 3-4 times faster. That is my experience.