Coronavirus–How Can Agnihotra Help?

Dr. Ulrich Berk

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The problems caused by a worldwide infection of people by this novel coronavirus SARS-CoV2 affect everybody. Of course, we all should follow the rules of at least slowing down the spreading of this virus, such as social distancing, washing hands often, etc.

What else can we do? Traditional Vedic Agnihotra is said to purify the atmosphere. Recent research shows:
a) That severity and lethality of Covid-19 is increased in regions with high air pollution1,
b) It seems that coronavirus is being transported by particles of air pollution2.

As we know, Agnihotra purifies the atmosphere. So this indicates that Agnihotra can also be a useful tool to combat coronavirus.

As this virus occurred only recently, we do not have much evidence yet and no scientific study on coronavirus.

Still, there is quite a lot of anecdotal evidence which makes it plausible that Agnihotra can help in different ways to overcome the coronavirus crisis.

Agnihotra could help in three different ways:
1) Reducing the probability of getting infected.
2) Reducing preexisting conditions, thus leading to a less severe course of Covid-19.
3) Supporting the body to overcome the infection.

1. Reducing the probability of getting infected
There is a very interesting report indicating that Agnihotra can help to reduce the probability of getting infected by the coronavirus. This was shared by Elisabeth M., a lady living in Madrid. (See Healing with Homa Therapy below.-Ed.) Madrid is the main hotspot of Covid-19 in Spain (and Spain is, besides Italy, the most affected country in Europe). In Madrid alone there are approximately 4000 deaths because of Covid-19!

Elisabeth M. lives in a house together with her partner, and they have subleased one room to someone who runs a much-frequented restaurant in Madrid. Therefore, this man was in contact with many people before the lockdown. He tested positive for coronavirus, so Elisabeth M. and her partner became concerned and got tested also. Both their tests results were negative – although they shared the same kitchen, had meals together, shared the same bathroom, and even had a birthday party some days earlier.

The doctors who did the tests were very surprised, as coronavirus is highly contagious; if you live closely together with an infected person, there is all likelihood that you will also get infected. However, Elisabeth M. performed Agnihotra regularly and also took Agnihotra Ash daily. It seems this has helped her to avoid getting infected!

How is this possible? Let us look at how someone gets infected with coronavirus. It seems there are three main routes:

a) Touching surfaces (such as door handles, etc.); the virus remains on such surfaces for some hours (on metal, ten hours or more, on cloth, approximately six hours).
b) Respiratory droplets in the air created by infected people who cough or sneeze. These droplets stay in the air for only a few minutes; keeping distance normally helps.
c) Mini droplets which remain in the air for several hours

According to Kazuhiro Tateda, President of the Japanese Association for Infectious Disease and Professor, Department of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, Toho University, Tokyo, Japan, the third route of transmission has to be considered.

His team observed micrometer particles with high speed cameras and could show that these particles spread even when people are having conversations or are simply close to each other. Thus, coronavirus could be transmitted even if nobody is coughing or sneezing.

a) We do not know yet whether performing Agnihotra would reduce the number of viruses on surfaces in that room. Some research would be suggested.

About b) and c) – Several experiments done in different research institutes and universities show that the number of bacteria in the air is reduced substantially just performing Agnihotra in a room. Maybe the same would also hold for viruses? It would be very good if this could be tested soon. The evidence regarding reduction of bacterial load in the air is as follows:

Recently, the following experiment was done at Fergusson College, Pune, India.
Medium plates were open in a room before and after Agnihotra, and incubated for 24 hours to grow bacterial colony.



Conclusion: As per results obtained, Agnihotra fumes decrease microbial load in air.

Further experiments were done to see the effects of Agnihotra Ash on bacteria. It could be shown that the virulence of bacteria is reduced by adding Agnihotra Ash:

Loss of capsule formation with klebsiella pneumoniae;

Loss of haemolytic activity with staphylococcus aureus and klebsiella pneumonia;

Decreased resistance to phagocytosis with klebsiella pneumonia, staphylococcus aureus and pseudomonas aeruginosa.

These results show that the pathogenic bacteria examined show a reduced virulence when in contact with Agnihotra Ash. (For details see: Pathade/Abhang 2014 and Abhang et al. 2015.)

These results were confirmed by another study done at Palampur Agricultural University, Himachal Pradesh, India (Kumari/Punam 2015). In this study, a comparison was done between the effect of Agnihotra and a normal fire (in which same substances were burnt, also in a copper pyramid, but without the Agnihotra mantras). Agnihotra reduced bacterial count significantly compared to the control fire.

For a replication of this experiment, it is suggested to keep some distance between Agnihotra and control room. In this experiment, the two rooms were next to each other – and Agnihotra may well reduce bacterial growth also in adjacent rooms.

The modus operandi most likely is that the smoke of Agnihotra chelatingly attracts aerosols in the atmosphere and then sink to the ground:

“Pat Flanagan (an American scientist) suggested a physical explanation for the depolluting effect of the Agnihotra smoke, pointing out that its colloidal molecules of ghee and cow manure could chelatingly attract and grab pollutants in the air, the way water is purified by being flocculated. The seized molecules, he added, as they settle on the ground, would alkalize the soil; and if they came into contact with a plant they would stick to the leaves and act as a time-release foliar nutrient. Physically, because of the ghee and the manure, the smoke would be electrically charged.” (Quote from Tompkins/Bird 1989, p. 254)

Same will likely happen with viruses, as they also attach to aerosols in the air.

Negative ions are known as an indicator of fresh and unpolluted air. Agnihotra increases the number of negative ions in the air. Quite astonishingly, normal fires all decrease the negative ion concentration. Maybe this increased level of negative ions can also help to neutralize bacteria and viruses? This could be a very interesting and important study.

We can summarize these points by saying that Agnihotra likely gives you some protection from getting infected by coronavirus, confirming the report mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph.

2. How will Agnihotra Help People Who Get Infected?
Most people who get Covid-19 only have mild symptoms, no big health issue. But the disease is more serious in certain at risk groups, like with people who have the following pre-existing conditions:
Heart Diseases and high blood pressure
Chronic respiratory disease like asthma
Weakened immune system

Advanced age is often mentioned as one of the risk factors. However, it seems age mainly plays a role because normally the immune system gets weaker with increasing age.

Most people who died from Covid-19 were suffering from one or more of these pre-existing conditions. Agnihotra can help to reduce these pre-existing conditions.

Heart diseases and high blood pressure
Agnihotra helps to brings back blood pressure to normal. A simple experiment was done, checking blood pressure before and after Agnihotra. The result was that blood pressure returned to a normal level by experiencing Agnihotra:


One report on healing of heart disease by Agnihotra by Magda Lopez A. (Lima, Peru):
‘‘My mother was very ill and her electrocardiogram 10 years ago showed that she had a pre-stroke, meaning a part of the heart is dead and cannot recover. In the past 4 years, I was doing Agnihotra irregularly. But in recent months, we have been consistent in doing it daily.Two weeks ago, another electrocardiogram was done and the doctor, when asked about the pre-stroke said, ‘Her heart is perfectly fine and there is no sign of a pre-stroke.’

We were astonished, as the only thing we are doing is practicing Agnihotra and giving her Agnihotra Ash 3-4 times daily.”

Asthma is especially important, as Covid-19 mainly affects our lungs. Agnihotra helps to strengthen our lungs and thus makes the body more resilient against respiratory ailments.

There are many cases reported (see: Two examples:

Donna S. (Santa Clarita, California, USA) writes:
“I was very sick. I went to the top pulmonary specialist at the University of Virginia. He showed me an X-ray of my lungs which were completely black except for a small spot about 4 cm round that was clear. I started doing Agnihora. Within the first week, I stopped taking all my asthma medications and later my steroids.”Three months later I went to the doctor; he took an X-ray of my lungs. He said, ‘I don’t know what you have done, but your lungs are completely clear. You don’t need any of the medication anymore.’”

Fran B. (Wysoka, Poland) writes:
“I suffered chronic asthma from age 11 years. In my early twenties, the condition worsened. Asthma attacks often came late at night and I had to receive breathing treatments and shots of epinephrine at local hospitals. I felt the asthma was pollution-related.

“When I was 25, I began to do Agnihotra daily, sunrise and sunset. After 2 weeks, my asthma was cured. It has not returned and, to this day, some 40 years later, I remain asthma-free.”

Many people were healed from diabetes with Agnihotra and Agnihotra Ash – see the reports on

Diego Lastro R. (Esmeraldas, Ecuador, South America) writes:
“In the beginning of 2019, my prostate tumor markers rose, and every three months I was tested and each exam showed that they had risen at a tremendous speed. The doctor recommended an operation. That is when I learned and began to practice Homa Therapy and the tumor markers are going down.”

Another report is from Lucia Gertrudis P. (Vinces, Ecuador, South America):
“I am 74 years old and I have a lung tumor. I used to have a dry cough, day and night. I could not sleep. All that disappeared with practice of Homa Therapy.”Her doctor explains: “She had something similar to cystic fibrosis of the lungs. She coughed a lot. She could not sleep and suffered from severe pain in her back and in her bones.

Her pain was so intense she was given morphine patches which she no longer needs.”

Weakened immune system
We have seen so many reports of people who got healed from all kinds of different diseases by Agnihotra and Agnihotra Ash (see e.g.

This strongly indicates that the immune system of people gets stronger with the help of Agnihotra and Agnihotra Ash – most important in case of a virus infection. Same was also seen with HIV-positive children in Mysore. See below: 3) Effects of Agnihotra and Agnihotra Ash on the Virus itself).

Stress and anxiety relief
Another important point is the effect of Agnihotra on our minds. It is well established that mental conditions like stress, anxiety, etc. are aggravating factors for all kinds of diseases.
Modalities which are able to lessen the fear, stress and anxiety that affect many amidst the coronavirus pandemic are much needed now.

Thoughts, feelings and will (intention) are functions of the mind. Agnihotra, according to Vedic teachings, attracts, balances and harmonizes PRANA.

Since Prana and mind may be thought of as two sides of the same coin, beneficial changes to Prana cause beneficial changes to mind.

Thus, through the hundreds of testimonials and some studies having to do with changes in mind and mindsets by regular performance of Agnihotra, it can be said without reservation that stress, fear and anxiety are greatly reduced.

Resultant improvement in immune system strength is related and notable.

Results from a study done in Moscow, Russia by Dr. Dmitry Yudin:
“A group of people came for Agnihotra regularly for two weeks. Anxiety and depression were measured before and after that time. A clear reduction in both parameters can be seen.”


Results from the study done at a Medical University in Santiago de Chile , by Dr. Andrea Chavez, Dr. Ernesto Vega:
“Two groups of students were formed with very high stress level. Stress level was measured both by questionnaire and by testing the cortisol level in saliva. Both groups were invited to a Tai Chi lesson. What the participants did not know is that for one of the groups, Agnihotra was performed during this Tai Chi lesson in the adjoining room. All participants got some relief from their stress, but the group where Agnihotra was done next door showed a significantly larger reduction.”

Before Intervention
Questionnaire DASS-21
100% Extremely or severely stressed

Stress – measured by cortisol level in saliva
100% > 14,7 ng/ml
Pre Intervention B: 28,9 ng/ml A: 30,6 ng/ml
Post Intervention B: 17 ng/ml A: 22,4 ng/ml

p< 0,05 p< 0,05
Power 68%

As Agnihotra and use of Agnihotra Ash are powerful tools to remove or at least alleviate all pre-existing conditions of Covid-19, it can be concluded that Agnihotra will help to
to fight a coronavirus infection.

3. Effects of Agnihotra and Agnihotra Ash on the Virus itself
As mentioned at the beginning, we do not have studies on coronavirus itself. But there is a very interesting pilot study on HIV which is also caused by a virus, though of a different variety. HIV-positive children started to perform Agnihotra. Each child performed his or her own Agnihotra. After some time:
a) the viral load decreased significantly
b) the CD-4 protein level increased
c) the general health of all children improved considerably, showing that their immune system improved significantly.

Here is the whole report: 

Pilot study: Effect of Agnihotra on HIV-positive children

A lab test was done checking the effects of Agnihotra Ash on different types of viruses (though not the coronavirus). Agnihotra Ash water was added to the cell lines in which the viruses were produced.

Reduction in virus production was 50%. This may not seem to be very much, but still it could make the difference between a mild and a severe progression of the illness (or between no disease at all and a mild progression).

It could be expected that with other types of viruses, such as the current coronavirus, we could see similar results, as with the HIV virus or the other viruses tested.

4. Conclusion
We do not have direct evidence yet, but based on the reports and deliberations above, it is suggested to perform Agnihotra – best in every household – to provide some protection in this special time of corona crisis.

Also it is suggested to do some scientific research:

a) On Covid-19 patients (like performing Agnihotra for these patients, or letting them perform Agnihotra, if they are able to do so) and see the results.
b) Measure coronavirus concentration in the air of a hospital with Covid-19 patients before and after Agnihotra; also checking virus concentration on surfaces in such a hospital before and after Agnihotra.
c) Testing the effects of both Agnihotra and Agnihotra Ash on the coronavirus in cell lines.
d) As protection of nurses and doctors is such a major issue now, we might propose trials aimed specifically at this group of medical professionals.

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