On Mind From Shree Vasant's Teachings

You cannot conquer fear until the mind is at peace. If the mind is allowed to stray from its path then again you will find some fears cropping up time and again. So first, relax your mind through this Yajnya purification and meditate at the times given. Then gradually your life may change. Do not be afraid of this. Changes come with development, whether this development is positive or negative, for better or worse. So in any life, situations change constantly. The changes are or can be abrupt and overwhelming but once your mind adjusts to the new development you will find even abrupt changes go smoothly. When you begin on any spiritual path, whether it is one you have designed or one which you have adapted yourself to, you will find your interests may change, your friends’ attitude toward you may change. You may acquire new friends as you become more and more devoted to your search. There is nothing to fear about this. If you move from city to country, you make new friends in a new environment. It is like that, only it is your mind that is moving from one place to another.