Joselito Homa Banana Plantation

Eng. Jesús Tineo Raimundo
Piura, Peru, South America 

I am a graduate of the National University of Piura. I am an Industrial Engineer and I work for the multinational company called Dole. My best experience, I can say, was at the banana plantation Fundo Homa Joselito in Chulucanas. My job is to visit the farms daily for quality control.

I met Andrés Arango in this Homa Farm. He is a Homa technician. He told me about this Homa technology and its effects in farming. Upon entering this farm, you can tell the difference from the others. It is a warmer, more welcoming environment, where instead of teaching, which I usually do, I can learn a lot.

This is my experience. The fruit is stronger, the soil is organic, the environment and the people very friendly. Everything is different there.

Andres Arango, Homa technician at Joselito writes, “Through the practice of Homa Therapy (Technology in a Homa Resonance Point), we have a natural balance on the farm. For example, harmful insects cannot reproduce to a point of causing damage to the crop. This is because beneficial insects control the harmful ones. That is, in this Homa atmosphere, biological controls are produced. On the other hand, cultural practices–weeding, cutting leaves, keeping the soil clean, etc. also prevents the spreading of harmful insects. Om Shree Om.”

Eng. Hernan Posas, co-owner (above, far right) is doing Tryambakam Homa, taking turns with other people working on the farm. They automatically also take advantage of the Homa healing energies for their own well-being. Children also get to participate in the Homa Fires. [Adult supervision is always advised when children participate in Homa Fires.–Ed.]