Podcast on Agnihotra and Science


(Fivefold Path, Inc. and the international network of Homa Therapy centers of which we are a part, teach Agnihotra as a science with benefits body, mind and environment, and are not affiliated with any religious body. Agnihotra is open to all regardless of religion or lack thereof. Agnihotra comes from Vedas; Vedic knowledge existed long before religions and cultures, and is the common inheritance of mankind.)

A podcast on scientific research on Agnihotra was recently featured at hinduvoices.com. Dr. Ulrich Berk, who has been involved in most of the scientific research on Agnihotra over the years, was interviewed by Hindu Voices host Subodh Cothran. Deepest thanks to Hindu Voices for allowing us to share this information with a wider audience.

You can find the podcast at hinduvoices.com