On Inner Light From Shree Vasant's Teachings

You have the power within you to defeat any evil forces.

Force never yields any constructive results. Force yields only fear and disrespect. No one should be forced into anything, whether it is Divine Will, their will or any other. When you submit to following the plan of the Divine, you do not submit to force of any kind.

Simply you seek to purify yourself, and in doing so you come under Divine guidance. IF you follow this, inner truth will dawn. This does not require that you take lessons in divining or clairvoyance or that you enroll in Cosmic Religion courses. You can do this and still not receive Divine guidance.

A person who wishes to find this “inner light” does so simply by purifying his own thoughts and actions in hoping to become a better individual. One need not seek to become a religious scholar. By deed a man is judged, not by intellectual prowess.

We must look into ourselves, our lives, our environment, our relationships with family and friends. All this you might say is small, insignificant, but it is not. One outburst of anger affects the planet. LET US SEEK TO FIND THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN WITHIN US NOW.

Destruction on the planet is following a definite pattern and daily the cycles repeat themselves. So much crime and disease are now spreading everywhere. If it is not physical disease, it is mental. You see it all around you. Agnihotra alone will help to curtail this massive move toward destruction. At least in our own homes let there be peace.

If one can get up one hour before sunrise, whole NADI system is affected. It gives cleansing effect followed by Agnihotra. This simply will enhance the effects of Agnihotra if your breathing has adjusted itself by your being awake one hour early. If this is not possible due to your work schedule or otherwise, continue doing Agnihotra in morning. It is as though a protective shield is placed around you. You renew this at evening Agnihotra.