Agnihotra Podcast


(Fivefold Path, Inc. and the international network of Homa Therapy centers of which we are a part, teach Agnihotra as a science with benefits body, mind and environment, and are not affiliated with any religious body. Agnihotra is open to all regardless of religion or lack thereof. Agnihotra comes from Vedas; Vedic knowledge existed long before religions and cultures, and is the common inheritance of mankind.)

Subodh Cothran, host of Hindu Voices, recently invited me to do a podcast on Agnihotra. Although I’m not Hindu, Subodh assured me that Vedic topics were pertinent, so I was happy to accept.

The show presented an introduction to Agnihotra and Homa Therapy, plus some lesser-known facts and anecdotes on Agnihotra and its uses for personal healing, stress reduction, and healing the environment.

You can find the podcast at

Deepest thanks to Subodh for the chance to share information on Agnihotra and Homa Therapy!