Cowdung in Folk Medicine From Shree Vasant's Teachings

(from Satsang, May 3, 1979)
If we refer to books on folk medicine in European languages written as recently as the beginning of this century, we will find that cowdung was widely used for medicinal purposes. The American Indians, the Mexicans, Peruvian Indians, and the native traditions in South America similarly show how cowdung was widely used as medicine in old days. In Africa, Asia and Scandinavia even to this day you will meet elderly people who use cowdung for medicinal purposes.

It may be interesting to experiment on cowdung with a view to find out the potential to protect man from the effects of nuclear radiation. In ancient days the Yogis used to live in thatched huts and they used to spread fresh cowdung on the walls through which sun’s rays used to pass. It is stated that this made the atmosphere more purified.

In Homa fire practice, dried cowdung is used to prepare the fire. Only cowdung is prescribed and no other dung.