On Swadhyaya (Self Study) From Shree Vasant’s Teachings

Every moment is like a rebirth when you start to see the action of the mind as separate from you. That does not give license to do anything we please. This simply gives us lead to train the mind. The mind is like a wild tiger or a jumping monkey. MANTRA is one way to take care of these mad tendencies of the mind. It is only the mind that makes us miserable.

One should not seek for fortune, fame, money, name or praise. One should only seek to become a better person, a better member of one’s family, one’s religion, one’s social club, one’s school. It does not matter to what you belong, only just be full of LOVE.

If you sit around thinking about what opportunities you lost, you will miss the opportunities that are yet to come. First, accept that as a human being you are bound to make mistakes. Then secondly, as a human being you can correct your mistakes by not allowing the same thing to happen twice. This has its root in the fifth aspect of the Fivefold Path, which is Swadhyaya.

Instead of beating yourself with your mind for things which you have done, forget them. Start again, make the effort and automatically things come. You will go on repeating the same mistakes over and over again until you learn the lesson. Mistakes are only for the learning. Just be more aware of the moment, what you can do in that moment and what is given to you to do in that moment. Always help is provided by Grace.