Volunteers Needed for Clay Building of Centre of Light!

Join us this summer at Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya in building the Centre of Light with clay, straw and wood chips. There will be opportunities to participate in natural building workshops and to experience this unique Homa Farm and Ecovillage in southern Poland, one of three Points of Light on the planet. Help manifest Shree’s vision of the Centre of Light, environmental educational and healing centre for all.

(From left) Expert straw and clay builder Nitzan (from Israel) and volunteer Tom Couto (from U.S.A.) looking through a wall that will soon be filled with clay and straw insulation.








Volunteers Jason (from UK) and Joanna (from USA) tamping the clay and straw mixture around a window frame. The tamping gives the edges of the wall rigidity. Once dry, the plywood frames are removed and the clay and straw mix is strong enough to support itself.







Volunteers Sibelius (from Germany) and Marek (from Poland) check out the clay and straw mixing machine. The machine spins slowly and gets loaded with dry straw. Liquid clay and water are thrown into the tube as well, and get mixed together, fully coating each piece of straw with clay. The mix is then ready to be used and packed into a wall.









The Centre of Light, viewed from the mandala garden. All of the wood-framed sections are to be filled with clay and straw, providing excellent natural insulation.







Exterior walls in progress. After a day of drying, the lower frames of plywood are removed, leaving a flat, strong wall of clay and straw. The frames are then moved up, to continue packing the wall. Once finished, the outside will get covered with wooden siding, to protect it from moisture, and the inside will be finished with a natural plaster.







Panoramic view of the Centre of Light, with Tatra Mountains in the background.







Mandala garden

We would love to have volunteers from the global Agnihotra community working together on this project. It will be a wonderful time of inspiration, creativity, and unity. Accommodation and food will be provided. 

Visit our website www.homatherapypoland.org for more details about the Centre and Ecovillage.

If you wish to be part of building the Centre of Light, please contact us at: info@homatherapypoland.org