From the Orion Transmissions

received by Parvati Rosen-Bizberg
Wysoka, Poland

January 29, 2018 On Creating Enclaves
Yes, yes. Winds of change change rapidly. Do not become disheartened by news designed to shock and create fear in all who read it. Do not allow your spirits to be dampened or the Light within you to be adversely affected by the darkness outside you.

Create enclaves where those whose spirits seek the Light can come together, break bread together, rejoice and pray together. Kindle your fires within, as well as the healing fires you perform.

By the way, the fires which you perform at sunrise and sunset are resetting energy cycles and creating healing cycles, as well as protective cycles which serve to balance and rejuvenate body, mind, soul and atmosphere. Yes.

February 4, 2018 On Mighty Gifts of Healing
Yes, yes. The healing energies, which are emitted by Agnihotra performed at precise timings of sunrise and sunset, heal the Earth from the ground up. Do you realize what a great visionary tool you have in your hands for the future of humankind?

The energetic properties of the resultant ash (from Agnihotra), when kept in the constant cleansing atmosphere of Agnihotra, will only increase in potency and ability to heal. Adding such a miraculous substance, Agnihotra Ash, to already established modalities for healing will serve to amplify or magnify the effects.  This is true in gardening, as well as alternative medicine.

Look more seriously into preparing Agnihotra Ash creams and ointments to be distributed for donations only and free to those who cannot afford to give donation.

The offer of pure Agnihotra Ash itself, packaged in small bags or jars, is also good idea for these times.

Dear ones, focus on the mighty gift you have, the tools for healing you have been given, the words your Master has graced you with, the wisdom for precisely these times.

These are the times as foretold in Bible, in all ancient scripts and spoken word and symbols passed down from generation to generation over course of time.

Strengthen yourselves with Mantra, meditation, in silence and in song.

Walk lightly upon this Earth.

This, dear ones, is your time to shine.

One Light.

One Love.

One world.

We are in gratitude and awe at the brilliance of ones who walk in Peace.

We are,

March 16, 2018 On No Fear, No Anxiety
Yes, yes. Do not be deterred by outside forces which create chaos in the world.

Find solace within.

You shall speak out with love in the face of hatred.

Stand for justice in the face of inequality and the dissolution of human rights.

You shall speak truth in the face of falsehoods and rhetoric designed to make you mute with fear.

Listen. Listen to the quiet.

Listen to and follow your heart.

Do not abandon hope in favour of defeat, in favour of pessimism or worse, apathy.

There is great strength in the numbers of souls awakening who shall reach the critical mass and turn the tide once again, as you forge your way into the Light.

There are realms of which you can only imagine, but cannot fathom the depth nor the power that can come in your planet’s hours of need.

There are those amongst you who will be the visionaries, armed with inner sight and clarity of higher states of awareness. They will go forth into those realms where the sacred meets the material, and return with the wisdom required to navigate through these perilous times.

Fear nothing. Fear is humanity’s greatest enemy. All exists as above, so below.

Be aware there is more than meets the eye and all that is sacred can only be seen by the pure at heart.

No fear.

No anxiety.

Walk in absolute strength, wisdom, courage and determination

into LIGHT, always into Light.

We are, as always, by your side.

That which is invisible is visible.

We are at your service.

We are,


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