On Judgment From Shree Vasant’s Teachings

You must harbor no ill will towards anyone, no matter what they say or do. Practice Tapa of speech.

Without judging any of these people who are practicing Agnihotra, write to them with all humility. Whether or not, for example, a person has caused problems in places where he has lived is not the criterion for response.

We are never to judge another person on the basis of their spiritual development or for any reason. Judgment is never an appropriate response.

If you are guiding others to the truth, you have to strive to be as humble as possible, as clear as possible, and as patient as possible. It is easy to say, “You should do this. You should be this way.” But WHEN YOU REMOVE JUDGMENT AS A WAY TO COMMUNICATE, THEN YOU MUST RELY ON EXAMPLE. By example you can teach. By example people will learn. Words can be helpful only when spoken with clarity and patience, humility and understanding.

All the treasures which you seek already lie within you. Not deep–very near. At one’s hand. Release all judgment. Take notice of others around you but refuse to form judgments about anyone. You observe, but you do not judge. You feel, but you do not judge. You listen, but you do not judge. Then there is real listening and loving.

It is important to entertain no judgment. No judgment of any sort. Imagine if the world was full of people who did not pass judgment. There is so much joy inside your heart. Release all judgment. Then there is no expectation, no disappointment. Only LOVE.