Healing with Homa Therapy

Jan Tracy
Northern New South Wales, Australia

Jan and her three dogs, Sol, Bo and Spirit.

February this year my pet dog Sol began to walk with great discomfort and that quickly progressed to screaming pain. He has weakness in the last disc from a spur and some arthritis.
It was a long, slow journey to specialty vets and extensive tests, rest, nerve blockers, anti-inflammatory tabs and cortisone injections into the spine–not a happy situation.

When Sol lay down, his hind leg would give him tremendous pain. (I was having similar trouble with my sciatica as soon as I lay down.) I was praying, clearing energy, doing hands-on healing and performing sunset Agnihotra.

Sol, healthy and happy again.

My three dogs, all brothers, would sit close by the fire and suddenly it dawned on me to feed Sol, and all of us, the Agnihotra ash. I put it in their food and I consumed the ash as well regularly.

I suddenly noticed how Sol’s eyes were sparkling again and he was becoming his old HAPPY self, moving with ease, rolling onto his back–such a marked improvement after four months of constricted movement. We were all feeling happier and my sciatica healed up as well.

I cut his nerve medication down and realized that once I had started feeding him the Agnihotra ash he didn’t need his nerve blockers anymore. We could begin walking on the beach and Sol has returned to his beautiful Top Dog Self. The three brothers turned ’13’ on October 31, 2016.