Pilot Study–Agnihotra as an Inexpensive Method to Treat HIV/AIDS

Dr. Ulrich Berk, President of the German Association of Homa Therapy, introduced Agnihotra at the Amma Mane center of Ananta Bharatha, a nonprofit organization in Mysore (South India) which is helping HIV positive children, most of whom are orphans.

Dr. Berk writes:
“In a pilot study the effect of Agnihotra on these children was observed for over one year. They stayed at the Amma Mane center, got healthy vegetarian food, practiced daily yoga and either performed or sat for daily sunrise and sunset Agnihotra. The results were so positive in improving these children’s health that we are now preparing to carry out further studies of Agnihotra as a simple, inexpensive and holistic means to prevent, treat HIV/AIDS infection and help those suffering from it restore their health and significantly transform their lives for the better.”

[Agnihotra.org plans to make the full pilot study report available after its formal publication.-Ed.]