The Orion Transmissions on Somayag

as received by Parvati Rosen-Bizberg
Wysoka, Poland

This is the call of the Narmada. Rejuvenation of this planet is to begin from Narmada. Utterance of sacred Mantras on specific dates given carry healing forward to be distributed to all lands from this sacred place.

Breath of Narmada has begun. Healing for planet Earth has been given push forward.

A rush of energies super-charged as never before will be emitted from here where the fires
are being offered to the world.

What is happening is like a gateway is being opened through which Light will pour through.
Narmada is to play a great part in future of humankind.

We have renewed the intention of this Somayag. And it has been a successful Somayag, with
greater effects on the planet than can be seen or heard. Power is generated from this site and
Sound has begun to reverberate through the Earth, air, fire, water and ethers.

What is being created now can be likened to opening windows to the next world. Portal into
what can only be explained as the ‘next world.’ Human technology cannot perceive of or
calculate the existence of this realm of which we speak.

Always SOMAYAG has power, but this is something more. This is the seeding of SOUND
CURRENT. A new beginning has been made.

Rays of Light are being emitted now from the SOMAYAG. These Light rays rise up and out from the pits of fire. Sound is emitted. This is the seed to activate the SOUND CURRENT which will heal and seal the planet.

This series of Somayags, during which Nature is being nourished and interplanetary
communications fostered, has a fuller effect on environment than one would think. At such a
sacred site as the present location by the River Narmada, ancient resources are being tapped,
that is activated, to create healing environment for future generations. All occurs on subtle levels, imperceivable to human beings. The Master knew of which He spoke. His awareness was profound and His vision wide-ranging. Thus, the series of Somayags which He called for are precise in timing and in practice.

Many of you attending this SOMAYAG have indeed been here before and have been
together before as well. Yes, yes, a momentous time indeed. Momentous day. Ancient fire. Every single being who has come unto this sacred land has been present in India before. Most have been to the Narmada. Some have lived along its shores.

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