24-Hour Full Moon Fire in Lima, Peru

Jessica Auza

Tryambakam 24 hrs Jessica
Evening Agnihotra at Jessica Auza´s house in Lima, Peru during April´s full moon day 24-hour Om Tryambakam fire.

For many years our dear Shree Vasant Paranjpe visited Peru, spread His message of love, and inspired many to practice Homa Therapy fires to heal Mother Earth and ourselves. Many seeds were planted and people continue to practice these ancient healing fires in their homes, on farms, at medical centers, etc.

On the full moon day in April, 2016 a group of Agnihotris met in Lima, the capital, to keep the Om Tryambakam fire going for 24 hours. As we know, at Homa farms and Homa Therapy centers around the world, Om Tryambakam fire is practiced for 4 to 5 hours daily and performed for 24 hours on new moon and full moon days. We can also tune in and help create harmony and healing from our own homes, whether we are in the countryside or in the city.

It has been our experience that in this type of blessed atmosphere created by ongoing fires, love and healing become quite tangible. The mind finds relief and stress from city life dissolves. One can become better equipped to face life´s everyday challenges, and the heart can more easily open and help us feel unity within and with others.

Our prayers go out to inspire others to start practicing Agnihotra and other Homa Therapy healing fires; to those who may have stopped doing so, to resume their practice; to those already committed to healing this planet´s atmosphere, to intensify their devotion to the fires.