On Desires From Shree Vasant’s Teachings

By pursuit of material wealth of all sorts and by all means, one may experience plentifully the avenues of ‘enjoyment.’ However, one thing is absolutely certain. You can never be happy until you renounce them all and eliminate your desires for such enjoyment. It is the burden of desires that makes us unhappy. Being attached to material things that one has and hankering after things one does not have is the surest way to make all life miserable.

We think the moment of gratification of our desire is the highest moment of our happiness. Then we conclude that gratification of the desire is the cause of happiness. This is not true. It is the removal of burden that desire was putting on the mind which makes us happy.

Once you indulge in gratification you will notice that ten new desires spring up and there is no end to this process. A gratified desire leads to hunger for desires. Unfulfilled desire leads to anger and more tension on the mind.

The wise see this situation and go to the root of the problem. First sublimation of the desire and then renouncing them lock, stock and barrel. Practice of AGNIHOTRA HOMA, the first aspect of the Fivefold Path, is the best material aid to, “Be thou transformed by the renewal of the mind.” You heal the atmosphere and the atmosphere automatically heals the mind by reducing the macabre dance of desires.

Practice of Fivefold Path will take you out of this situation and all your life can be an endeavor of joy.