On the Science of Kriya Yoga From Shree Vasant’s Teachings

Only will and effort are the deciding factors and not the human judgment about what seems to be the result. It is not given to man to judge because his understanding is not qualified to do that.

On the Divine Path, the Path of Light (Devayana) all material actions serve only to make the matter ready for higher levels so that the connection to all levels becomes perfect. Every level is prepared by the corresponding discipline so that it takes the perfect shape of its state and can be connected to the next higher level, and thus an interchange of energy takes place. As an example, Agnihotra may be mentioned. Out of normal state of matter an ideal state of matter is produced which allows energy transformation out of a different level–Aum.

The will of a man is his signpost (giver of direction.) Whatever he wishes, towards that he moves. Thus man determines his destiny. The direction in which he makes the effort and also the length of the way he goes both count. So will and effort together bring about a special quantum of development in a particular direction. To apply this law consciously is the privilege of man which he should make use of. He should use his talents thus and work. Aum.

Do your Yajnyas as service for matter. The Yajnya fire on its part also serves you. Do your Yajnyas as a better instrument to increase the manifestation of subtle energy on grosser levels as it is Shree’s will to approximate energetically again the Earth more to Him and to raise its energy level. This happens most harmoniously with the help of fire as mediating power and transformer. Therefore, let us do this, i.e., our work of practicing Yajnya fires, with all love, mercy. It is His will and His will be done. Aum.

[Note: Yajnya, Homa are Sanskrit words used here synonymously. Yajnya means healing fires prepared under certain disciplines, specific biorhythmic conditions of the planet to heal the atmosphere. You heal the atmosphere and the atmosphere heals you. Agnihotra is the basic Yajnya tuned to sunrise/sunset, wherein a copper pyramid is used to intensify the healing energies.

Shree is the entity who revealed this Kriya Yoga now and of which Agnihotra is the basic Kriya (action.)