From the Orion Transmissions

received by Parvati Rosen-Bizberg
Wysoka, Poland

September 6, 2015 On Walking in Truth and Unity

Yes, yes. Man’s inhumanity towards man is astonishing, shaking the very roots of compassion, defying karmic repercussions with arrogance and a cold-hearted stance.

Yet, the opposite is also astounding—the resilience of the open heart, the willingness that gives way to deeper levels of compassion, profound depths of understanding, and a love that transcends difference, bridging divisions with ease.

You have such a dichotomy in your human race. You divide and conquer, marginalize and separate, categorize and negate the very existence of those who look different from you.

Yet, those of you whose hearts are open represent the very best, highest of humanity.

Indeed, those who can see further and dream greater, those who can embrace each other’s differences and come to each other’s aid in times of peace and in times of strife—TEACH YOUR CHILDREN AND YOUR CHILDREN’S CHILDREN. Impart the sense of UNITY, of honour, of compassion. See that they understand and practice these qualities in their lives.

This, dear ones, is the way to recreate the world in the Eyes of Almighty. Live your lives with this in mind. Don’t get lost in the things that would divide you—by race, by religion, by ideology, by gender.

Walk in TRUTH and carry the lantern of TRUTH within you.

Blessings do abound.

We are, ORION.

September 15, 2015 On Weaving through Illusion to Truth

Yes, yes, yes. The world of Maya is richly layered and fascinating to the eye. It is alluring with its mystery, a showcase of illusory pursuits lined with temptations of every sort imaginable.

The world of Spirit is also richly layered and truly inspiring, but it is simple, uncomplicated in its presentation and enriching on a deeply profound level.

One can be tossed in the sea of Maya, yet once one’s true spiritual journey has begun, the truth reigns more powerful, and gradually the illusions fall away. One realizes the emptiness in the pursuit of worldly gratification, material madness and fulfilling one’s ego.

One becomes aware that self-importance is also an illusion. Even as one advances on spiritual path, one must always guard against it. The saying, ‘I am not the doer,’ has far greater significance as one moves further on spiritual path.

As one begins to experience the higher states of consciousness, one’s need for self-importance falls away. It becomes almost a foreign concept.

All that one needs is to fill one’s mind with the hunger for Divine. Then, every aspect that is false will fall from this soul. In this state, one experiences Oneness, the ultimate JOY. And this state is achievable in this life.

September 27, 2015 On Service for the Sake of Service

Yes, yes, yes. Needing validation from others to help one believe in one’s goodness can at times keep one from finding that goodness within, thus validating oneself.

One may have longed to please the Master, the Guru. His validation, valued above all else, was, and has remained, a great motivation and inspiration in one’s life.

Now, one shifts one’s intention, one’s focus, and one’s ways and means on SERVICE for the sake of SERVICE. Then, all need for validation goes.

September 29, 2015 On Feeding Faith and Starving Fears

Yes, yes, yes. Indeed, these are trying times when the face of the future may appear rather obscure and goals may seem unattainable. However, the same principles of manifestation apply during times of strife or times of peace, during times of plenty or times of want. Dear ones, make no mistake. Adhere to correct principles, nurture positive attitude, feed your faith and starve your fears, and know that what is of Light and Truth will most definitely thrive.

We cannot deny that the difficulties plaguing those of you who walk in Truth do not exist. It is a practice of rising above the fray that is necessary to inculcate, in order to move smoothly through life’s ups and downs. The valleys and the mountains will always exist. How you traverse them is entirely in your hands.

On the Human Race

Dear beings, concern yourselves with human kindness. Preserve your rights, but learn to act in a righteous manner toward your fellow men, women, children.

Care for the planet’s natural resources. Do not allow them to be destroyed. Unify your voices to preserve this planet’s delicate eco system. And, on an individual level, walk gently upon this Earth. Make your voices heard, but utilize your creative spirits in bringing Light into the darkness of the hour.

Do not sink all your own personal resources—time, creative energy and strength of spirit—into the material world alone.

Use your creativity to make a change in your own reality. Hone your creative skills to serve humanity in the most unique form—via the sacred avenues of music, art, dance, writing—new models of communication for the children to learn, for creating harmony in the world. And, above all, unify your efforts to bolster your creative spirit and act as one force toward the Light.

In enthusiasm and respect for the human spirit.

We are,


November 18, 2015 On Preparing for Future

Focus on preparing yourselves and your loved ones for the future. Seek information on alternative resources which you can tap fairly readily as needed in future times.

Store food for six-month periods, and recycle accordingly. Stockpile all necessary items which you require for comfortable living. However, do so without alarm, without fear or worry. Learn to buy more than what is presently needed, and in this natural way, begin food storage for future times. Don’t think that you must go out and buy enough food items for 6 months today! Just do it gradually, but steadily, without any undue effort to amass endless stores of food. Keep it simple. It is simple.

December 17, 2015 On the Invisible Thread that Unites Us

Yes, yes. Dear ones, you must learn to understand, the plight of one is indeed the plight of all. If one of you suffers anywhere on your lustrous planet, all suffer. There is no separation, only in the mind. You see, there is an invisible thread that unites you all, despite cultural divides and differences in race, religion, tradition. Dear ones, the sooner you realize that Oneness most surely exists, the sooner you can learn to embrace it in your own lives.

The divisions that exist in the world do exist, but they exist because they were manufactured, created, designed to divide you. It is not the natural state of affairs.

We urge you to continue to strive for unity amongst you, within your small circles of friends and family, then extend to include the community, further reaching across borders and oceans, all around the world. This is not only possible that unity shall prevail, dear ones. It is written as such, but first it may take disintegration of society as it exists today, in order to rebuild a world where love presides and fear has no place in the open heart.

In this, the season of giving, take time out to reach for friends and neighbors, community and even strangers, to give to them from your hearts. Find someone or some family in greater need, and give of yourselves with love. It is time to learn to expand the borders and boundaries of your own hearts, to include those less fortunate than yourselves.

Indeed, it is through seemingly ‘random acts of kindness’ that love shall prevail. Seeds become plants, and those plants flower and reseed. Begin.

May all of you have a joyous and sacred season of Light.

All around the world.


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