Advice to Couples from Shree Vasant's teachings

Normal earthly love that is only physical never lasts. Both of you have to be in tune on the spiritual plane. Strengthen that. Do not deny the physical. That also improves quite naturally. But more meditations, more prayer, more chanting. Every day the demands of the world are great and one can focus all his attention on “getting things done.” But always keep sacred times for meditation.  Have no fear, no anxiety.

Strengthen the love between you and radiate that love. Do not find fault with each other. Love and protect each other. There are really negative energies in the atmosphere. Weakness makes one easy prey. So all the time Mantra.

Calmly, quietly sit together and discuss this. Do not leave the situation unresolved. Never any anger. Never any blame or judgment. Learn to love each other. Do not use harsh words in speech directed at each other, another, or even when no one is the intended recipient. Keep the tongue pure. In all humility, with reverence serve each other.

Realize the difference between love and lust. Lust never lasts and rarely turns into love. By learning to accept each other’s faults and imperfections and loving each other with great devotion, you will reach a beautiful state of joy.

Preserve the sanctity of marriage. Always look to service first. Take care of each other with all love and devotion.