The Holy Science (Science of the Soul)

Man is made “in the image of thy Father.”

It is our free will that makes the difference.

It is YAJNYA fire which cleanses the mind. Agnihotra is the basic Yajnya tuned to the biorhythm of sunrise/sunset. Yajnya is the science of purification of the atmosphere through the agency of fire.

It is a clear mind that gives us the ability to distinguish the difference between right and wrong.

It is the disciplines which give us the will to exercise our free will properly.

Then it is only do the healing pyramid fire; do the disciplines; do the Mantra. Follow the Fivefold Path. Then joy is your constant companion.

When you look at the composition of matter, when you reduce anything down to its basic form, everything is the same. It is ONE. The only thing that makes things appear differently, manifest differently is the Law of Karma. Humans are the only manifestations of ONE—humans meaning that existence, that higher intelligence which is SOUL—which can transcend the Law of Karma. This means that man is “made in the image of thy Father.” “I and my Father are ONE.”

(Human form is a means of liberation. Devas, for example, have to take human form and continue Sadhana [spiritual practice] when the good Karma is exhausted. They take birth in special circumstances conducive to practice of TAPA. That is why it is said, “Thou art made in the image of thy Father.” This applies only to humans.)

Walking on the spiritual path means you begin to attack the mind first. You have to sublimate and purify the mind. Thus the quarrel begins with the mind which is in the grips of various attitudes. Here Agnihotra is the biggest material aid.

When you progress in meditation, what happens? Mind is the nexus which appears to bind the soul to what we call pleasure or pain, happiness or misery. It is the very nature of mind to bind you to something. Progress on the spiritual path means reducing this body connection and turning it towards Almighty Father.

By practice of meditation you loosen for awhile the nexus connecting the mind towards the worldly and thus you go beyond the duality of happiness and misery, pleasure or pain. They cease to trouble you. Thus, to immerse the mind in the name of God or personal mantra coming from a proper instrument is of immense help, as the previous bindings are loosened and now the mind begins to take joy in the binding to the mantra or name.

By directing thoughts towards fulfillment of desires, you strengthen the desire. Then you begin to work towards gratification of those desires. That means it leads to hunger or desire. An unfulfilled desire leads to anger. Thus you find yourself between the devil and the deep blue sea. Here Homa Therapy is the biggest aid.

Habits of body and mind try to pull the intellect in their direction. When action is done based on this, the intellect gets soiled. Then the soiled intellect sets up values in life based on what is pleasant to the body and mind. Then our free will begins to harmonize with this value setup. Free will is the means granted by Almighty Father to man who is born “in His image” to reach the stage, “Be thou perfect as thy Father in Heaven is perfect.” How we use our free will decides our destiny; hence we have to take care that the value setup in life strengthens the will to be good. Agnihotra is the biggest material aid to strengthen the “will to be good,” because from a normal state of matter an ideal state of matter is created in Agnihotra atmosphere; thus, much of our effort is reduced.

By practice of Daan, Tapa, Karma and Swadhyaya every moment of life you come to know your weaknesses and find means to overcome them with a smile.

Interplay of emotions and inhibitions leads to what is called “value formation” in life. Then you have to learn to give proper stimuli to strengthen these values. Places like Parama Dham Fire Temple in Madison, Virginia automatically help you in this effort, whether one is conscious of it or not.

We carry the seeds of past impressions of karma. When they fructify, sometimes the yearning towards the spiritual path increases and again several times the hankering after worldly pleasures increases, depending on the type of previous karma. Constantly the attitudes of CHITTA rise and fall. Normally the mind is volatile and cannot hold onto a single attitude for a long time. Then the capering frolic of the mind continues. The mind tries to seek something which makes it happy. This sense of happiness withers away soon after the desire is gratified. Then the search for a new source of pleasure begins and we get entrapped in an unending circle. To get away from this vicious circle, Yajnya is the biggest material aid. Agnihotra, tuned to the biorhythm of sunrise/sunset, is the basic Yajnya.