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Agnihotra experiments

Agnihotra and Grapes

Dr. B. G. Bhujbal, Research Officer Maharashtra State Grape Growers’ Association, Poona, India (Satsang Vol. 8, No. 17, 1981) Grapes are a difficult crop to grow under Maharashtra’s climatic conditions and also equally difficult to study. I have been associated with research work on grapes while studying for my M.Sc. …

Agnihotra Ash and Water Soluble Phosphates

I did some lab testing on Agnihotra ash. The results are interesting. 0.10 g. of ash
was shaken with 25 mi. of water for forty-eight hours and then the water soluble
phosphate content was measured. The same amount of ash was shaken with two
different soils (5 g.) from Colorado (also 25 mi. of water) and phosphate content
was measured after forty-eight hours of being shaken. The results are as follows.