I Will Not Find Fault With Others From Shree Vasant's Teachings

I Will Not Find Fault with Others
If you get into the habit of finding fault with others, you also get  in the habit of making someone a scapegoat for your own shortcomings.

There is a possibility that the person with whom you find fault is not at fault.

If you go on brooding over his faults or your own lapses, then you create channels in your own mind which bear the imprint of that dirty thing. It is like bringing someone else’s trash can into your living room and spreading it all over the floor. It is the same thing when you find fault with someone and brood over it. Think, “Do I not have these faults myself? Maybe I have them in larger measure. At least I have them in some measure.”

If you think that by finding fault with him you will improve him, most likely you are wrong. The dictum is, “Develop yourself first. Then you can think of improving the world.” When a mother, with all love, chides her child or a teacher chides his pupil, it is not fault finding. It is a method of teaching.

Always remember, “I have enough trash of my own. I do not want to bring the other person’s trash and spread it in my  living room.”