Experiences with Homa Therapy

Mary Elizabeth and husband Fredy

Mary Elizabeth Coronel Nieto
Cuenca, Ecuador, South America

I’m 48 years old. I started on a Sunday with Homa Therapy, which was the last day of the International Holistic Fair “LUZ” (LIGHT).
I went there with emotional problems and I stayed for the massive Agnihotra practice with Meditation. And I saw an immediate result with my daughter’s problem. She had been in a toxic relationship, without being able to end it, but already the next day, she reacted very positively and told me that she is no longer interested in staying with her partner; she quit!

I had suffered from chronic diarrhea for years, all the time, every day. Due to this problem, I had low energy, I had many inconveniences, and my mood, from being in a bathroom all the time, was quite irritable. I had a stomach problem which the doctors have not been able to cure. There has been no medication, no chemicals, etc. and I even had brought pills from abroad and had tried everything, but nothing had worked for me. I had years with this problem.

In the second Agnihotra session, I also started consuming Agnihotra ash and found an incredible improvement in my health. It solved my problem in a moment. My diarrhea stopped once and forever! I said, “WOW!” That happened on the third day of taking Agnihotra ash. I am now much more animated; I am happier.

Also, my husband suffered from a chronic rhinitis problem for 8 years. He had taken many pills, but this rhinitis always came back. However, after taking Agnihotra ash for 3 days, the rhinitis disappeared.

I have also had the problem of arthritis now for some time and with the mostly cold weather we are going through, my hands and joints hurt a lot. Now that I am taking the Agnihotra ash, I have no more pain.

Also, my body temperature has improved a lot. I was always very cold, but now I’m fine.

I also have had a problem in my left kidney, it was blocked by a stone. In the mornings, I was urinating foam. The doctors told me that I was on my way to a kidney failure. But in these three days of taking the Agnihotra ash, I no longer urinate foam, and my kidney pain has disappeared.

Really, I feel incredible; my appearance and my state of mind have changed a lot. I feel renewed and very positive. I have been able to manage the problems that I have had, and this gives me a lot of spiritual peace.

Her husband Fredy confirms:
I am a witness that everything my wife says is true. It was I who insisted that we go to the Holistic Fair.

I had discomfort from three hernias, one in each groin and one umbilical. When I would walk for about 10 minutes, the pain would start. But yesterday I forced myself while walking and picking up things and I said to my wife, “I don’t feel any pain.”

We have a lot of faith in Homa Therapy. It has changed our lives.