by Parvati Rosen-Bizberg and Barry Rathner

Vikarma is one’s specific allotted task in life. It is like one’s higher purpose in life, one’s calling or mission to fulfill. When we realize what our Vikarma is, from that moment on it is essentially our duty to find ways to accomplish it.

In the message that follows, Shree Vasant presented us with a challenge by asking simple, but vital questions we all need to ask ourselves and answer.

Shree Vasant On Vikarma
We pose one question to all of you present and to others who are near:

What are you doing in your life right now, which is a true act of SERVICE?

Of course, Agnihotra is an act of service for the whole planet. Now We are asking simply in your
individual lives—what are you doing to fulfill your VIKARMA? What are you doing as service on a
daily basis?

Life is precious. You all have a certain allotted time. What and how are you utilizing your lives to fulfill your highest purpose now?

There is no judgment, no set of instructions. Simply ask yourselves these questions and allow the
direction of your life to reveal itself.

For some this is a ‘wake up call.’ For others, a simple reminder.


How are you living your lives?
How are you being of SERVICE?
How are you fulfilling your true purpose in this life?

All Love All ways.

Inspired by the Vikarma message, members of our Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya met together in a creative, inspiring workshop on Vikarma. We shared what we felt were our own callings in life. Then we discussed how to prioritize our lives in order to fulfill them. In the process, we uncovered blockages and discovered solutions, realizing the vital importance our Vikarma plays in each of our lives.

Members of the Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya community meet for a Vikarma workshop.

The blockages to fulfilling Vikarma include the notorious ones—laziness, lack of faith, low self-esteem and fear. The solutions varied from more in-depth meditation to setting aside specific time for realizing long-term life goals.

We came up with our own resolutions, which we’ve been putting into action. Personally, I have set aside special times for prayer and healing. It has become a cherished time, which is now shared with the other women at the farm. I feel deeply nurtured in those times. The effects spill out into the rest of my life. Barry has committed to writing time daily. I also join him in that.

When we move toward fulfilling our Vikarma, the forces of Nature often align to assist us. We feel more connected to every living being, because we are really being true to our own nature.

Fulfilling our higher purpose in life is like turning the key to a place within where joy begins to rise. When we are doing what we came to do, there is a sense of peace that pervades our lives. We’ve had glimpses of that peace; we’ve experienced waves of that joy. We know the path home. It is a matter of weaving our way through life’s illusions and myriad distractions, to follow that way.

It was inspiring to remind ourselves why we are where we are and who we are, and how to use the gifts, blessings and guidance to become better instruments, ultimately to serve humanity.

ORION On Vikarma
Yes, yes. Ones of you who have been as fortunate as to have found your VIKARMA, your higher
purpose in this life, have an added responsibility to fulfill it in this lifetime. It’s not enough to
‘know’ it. VIKARMA is not something to be put on hold for when time permits or for a rainy day.

From the very moment your Vikarma is revealed to you—whether it is through an enlightened
teacher or your own inner exploration—that responsibility begins. Because, it is not revealed to you before you are ready to begin actualizing it—even if your thinking is otherwise.

Thus, an active day would resemble a workday, with sufficient breaks and time to fulfill worldly
and familial duties and chores. It is like a main focus and not an additional activity that gets
squeezed into an otherwise busy day.

If one’s Vikarma or higher purpose in life is healing, for example, one’s day shall include
whatever activities support and manifest healing. If the Vikarma is in the creative arts area, then
certainly the very act of creation should be a major part of one’s everyday schedule. If it is not,
one will likely feel something is missing in one’s life.

All you need do is to REMEMBER. You may call on Divine Beings, Angels, your personal guides
and teachers, to assist you in moving closer to the goal of actualizing your higher purpose in life.

When you seek help from Higher Realms there is generally no delay. Help comes faster from the
Higher Realms than it often does in the material world.

If you call a plumber you may have to wait for a response and certainly more time may pass
before service manifests!

Divine Realm is energy. Learn to trust it more and allow It to work with you. Help is waiting just for your call.

Blessings abound.

We are,