Healing with Homa Therapy

Victoria, Australia

Lalitha and Ganapathi outside the Yajnya Shala at Om Shree Dham

I was born in deep tradition, adorning the Vibhuti (Holy Ash) on the forehead to go to school; still, little did I know of the potency and power of the Vedic way of life.  For the most part of my early childhood and even adulthood it was all just traditions to follow.

Later when I got into a few spiritual circles I became more aware of the meaning of these traditions and the principles on which they were built.  When I delved a bit more into spirituality I came to understand the power of subtle energies and how they could influence and make a profound effect on the individual, society and the environment.

Living in a mundane world steeped in materialism and so-called rationalist thought, one succumbs to questions like, “How can that be?”, “Where is the evidence?”, “This not how it is,” etc. With that background, one day, my wife Lalitha brought home the news of Agnihotra. It intrigued me that this had come from westerners who were unlikely to have had exposure to Vedic traditions.  But, putting all that aside, I sat with my wife to do Agnihotra at sunrise and sunset.

I continued on with Agnihotra and did not expect anything.  One day, in my backyard garden, the standard rose plant took me by surprise.  This plant was there some time ago and perhaps due to neglect, it almost dried up looking dead. But then this almost dead rose started blossoming with new shoots and looked healthy and vibrant. My wife said she had applied Agnihotra ash to the rose.  That startled me. The rose continues to grow and flower year after year.

Then came the second incident. The lemon tree.  One summer, when we were away it was not watered and started to dry.  I just left it hoping that it may revive.  After sometime, I noted a lot of new growth on the plant.  It eventually started to yield lemons every year.  There again, it is the play of Agnihotra ash which my wife has diligently applied.

The miracles of Agnihotra ash continued on. Our son had developed some warts on his back from the swimming pool.  We did the usual treatments and ointments as per medical advice but the warts kept coming back.  At that point, Lalitha applied an ointment made of Agnihotra ash and ghee. Though it meant all the bed sheets were stained with ash and ghee she persevered with the treatment. The warts vanished forever.

After these experiences, I could see how Agnihotra could be utilized on farms to transform the environment and give great yields.  Eventually we made it to Om Shree Dham, the Agnihotra farm of Frits and Lee in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia.  There we refined our practice and witnessed a thriving Agnihotra farm. I experienced the transformational effect Homa Therapy has on people and our minds. Lalitha noted how the entire atmosphere in and around the farm is so distinctly full of life and joy.  I saw how cheerful and happy the couple is on their farm and their dedication to Agnihotra. They shared so many experiences:  the underground water that changed from overly alkaline to PH neutral, from saline to potable; how the ground water miraculously changed direction to flow under the Agnihotra hut, gathering prana along the way, was remarkable and inspiring.

We drove for almost 24 hours (return trip) from the farm to home in Melbourne, Victoria and did not feel any sign of tiredness. It was a pleasant holiday that rejuvenated us both physically and energetically.