YYMM (Yoga-Yajnya-Mantra-Meditation) Program in India by Abel Hernandez and Aleta Macan

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Homa Therapy teachers Abel Hernandez and Aleta Macan presented the YYMM program in several schools in Maharashtra, India. Below is a summary of the program.

The teachings of the Fivefold Path are the core of the YYMM (Yoga-Yajnya-Mantra-Meditation) program.

Content of the Yoga-Yajnya-Mantra-Meditation workshop:

  1. Yoga
    We cover the basics: Yama, Niyama, Asanas, Pranayama
  2. Yajnya
    Vyahruti, Tryambakam, Agnihotra (if it is at Agnihotra time)
  3. Mantra
    “OM SHREE”
  4. Meditation (Pratyahara, Dhyana, Dharana, etc.)
    a) Body awareness: relaxation, stillness of the body
    b) Breath awareness
    c) Visualization, attention, concentration
Shri Dattguru school
Shri Dattguru School

We adjust the method according to the group of students (age, quantity, cultural background, clothing, understanding, etc.) and time available. The program is presented in a playful and disciplined way. We show inspiring video clips about nature, animals and exemplary models of human achievements in spite of all odds.

There are sessions of Questions and Answers to stimulate the students’  thinking and participation. And certainly everyone is allowed to laugh!

It is to complement conventional education and improve the total well-being of the participants. Regular education focuses on the development of mind and body (intellectual and physical abilities). In this workshop, we also focus in cultivating the “Virtues of the Heart,” as important keys for a better individual and society. Yes, there is usually room for improvement, but there is not much room for corruption in a pure, loving heart .

1) To increase the IQ
2) To improve the psycho-motor coordination, flexibility, endurance, strength, posture, willpower, etc.
3) To plant and develop the Virtues of the Heart (kindness, truthfulness, brotherhood, compassion, forgiveness, etc.)
4) To gently heal common psycho-physiological traumas
5) To reduce the negative aspects of emotions, feelings and thoughts, and to promote the positive ones
6) To improve the behavior and participation of the students and teachers in the process of learning
7) To stimulate the cooperation between students, teachers, parents and administrative personnel
8) To instill hope and confidence that everything can be changed into a positive direction (if we listen to our inner voice and realize that we have the Master within)

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Through the YYMM workshop the process of learning and teaching is reflected as an Expression of Love.