Experiences with Homa Therapy

Diego Walberto Lastra Rendón
Esmeraldas, Ecuador

In May 2016, after taking tests at Solca (Society to Fight Cancer), I was diagnosed with prostate cancer with tumor marker PCA 272, when the normal value is up to 4.

Three years after I had been diagnosed with this cancer, in 2019, I started practicing Homa Therapy. Although I had known it years before in Carondelet for its extraordinary results in agriculture, I had not practiced it. Thank God, Homa Therapy Teachers Abel and Aleta and Mother Sofía, Homa Therapy came into my life again. I began to practice the Homa healing fires regularly in the company of my wife.

Since 2019, now almost four years, I have not taken any medication. My only medicine is Agnihotra ash and the practice of the healing Agnihotra fire and additional fires such as Om Tryambakam Homa.

I regularly visit the doctor and in my last exam this year 2022, the PCA tumor marker was 1.1.
I thank God for the people who initiated me in the practice of Homa fires, the love of my family, and especially I am grateful to Homa Therapy.