Study on Agnihotra and HIV Published in Medical Journal


A pilot study on Agnihotra as an inexpensive method to treat HIV/AIDS, by S. A. Ramadass, Lancy D’souza, Karthik Pandit, Madhu Karnat and Ulrich Berk, has been published in Integrative Medicine Case Reports, a journal on integrative medicine. See the full article here.

Control and prevention of HIV/AIDS  remain a major global health issue. Despite 40 years of research, there is still no vaccine for HIV/AIDS, and it is still a serious problem in many countries.

This study focused on finding a simple, affordable treatment method which could avoid the detrimental side effects of the antiretroviral drugs commonly used for treatment.

Dr. Ulrich Berk, President of the German Association of Homa Therapy, introduced Agnihotra at the Amma Mane center of Ananta Bharatha Charitable Trust, a nonprofit organization in Mysore (South India) which is helping HIV positive children, most of whom are orphans. Here, the children are treated kindly and with respect. Outside, HIV positive children and also adults are often stigmatized. Most people do not want any contact with them. Tragically, even families send them away.

For two years, a group of HIV positive children at the center performed daily sunrise/sunset Agnihotra themselves under supervision. They also consumed Agnihotra ash regularly, and were fed nutritious vegetarian food.

Data were collected on the children’s viral load and CD4 counts before and after that. CD4 counts typically decrease in HIV/AIDS patients.

Data from the study shows that the children’s general health improved measurably. Viral load decreased and CD4 values increased. These initial results show good potential of using Agnihotra for HIV/AIDS patients. Further study is suggested.

Ananta Bharatha Charitable Trust cares for marginalized members of the society. Heartfelt thanks to the founder, organization and staff of the Trust for their compassionate work, and for their participation in this study.